Blueberries help build sturdy bones

Blueberries help build sturdy bonesWashington, June 22 : Blueberry compounds help build sturdy, healthy bones, if results from studies on lab rats also hold true for humans.

Jin-Ran Chen, assistant professor in paediatrics, University of Arkansas, says his investigation shows that polyphenols, the compounds that give blueberries their blue, purple, and red coloration, might help in building strong bones.

The work has paved the way for new research that might reveal whether blueberries could be used in the future in treatments to boost development of bone mass and to help prevent osteoporosis, the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research reports.

Chen's investigation shows that animals which fed rations that contained 10 percent freeze-dried blueberry powder had significantly more bone mass than their counterparts whose rations were blueberry-free, according to an Arkansas statement.

Chen's research also suggests that the phenolic acids stimulate bone building via a pathway that may involve, for example, two genes, TCF and LEF, and a protein, beta-catenin.(IANS)