Burma Confirms New Bird Flu Eruption

Bird FluAccording to the recent reports, a new bird flu epidemic has been discovered in Burma’s eastern Shan State near to the Thai border.

The reports stated that the ‘H5N1’ virus was observed and confirmed on Thursday following the unusual deaths of domestic chickens in Mongphyat Township in the state.

Mongphyat is located 58 kilometers (36 miles) south of Keng Tung.

The Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department made complete assessment, and founded that the virus spread to the region from the same state’s Kengtung Township, where bird flu erupted on Dec 18.

The report also said that the state authorities have taken necessary steps to control the outburst including setting up restricted zones and control zones, culling poultry, disinfection of affected premises and banning the transport of chickens.

On Nov. 27, Myanmar confirmed its first human bird flu case, when a 7-year old girl in Keng Tung township was infected during a bird flu eruption among poultry.