Far too few people recognize first signs of stroke

Dresden, Germany  - Far too few people recognize the first signs of a stroke, experts from Dresden University Hospital said on the occasion of World Stroke Day. Signs include sudden weakness, deafness or paralysis, vision or speech problems, a dazed feeling and dizziness.

The sooner victims receive treatment, the greater their chances of surviving a cerebrovascular accident without lasting brain damage, the experts said. A person experiencing stroke symptoms should seek immediate medical assistance.

German scientists work on Alzheimer's cure, but 10 years away

Dresden, Germany  -  In a research breakthrough, a potential cure for Alzheimer's disease has been developed in Germany, but it may not be practicable for human patients for another 10 years, scientists said Thursday.

The new technique inhibits beta-secretase, an enzyme which is now known to be a main cause of senile brain decay.

A report Thursday in the journal Science described how researchers in Dresden in Germany used an "anchor" to lodge the inhibitor in mice brains and prevent them succumbing to a mouse version of Alzheimer's.

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