Marriage can counter alcoholism, feel University of Missouri researchers

drinking habitWashington DC, Aug. 4  - It is an old belief that the drinking habit improves with maturity, and adding another point to this old theory, are researchers who claim that marriage can lead to a dramatic drop in liquor consumption even among people with severe drinking problems.

'Sizzling' Ghost Pepper Ice Cream requires a 'waiver' before eating

Ice creamWashington DC, Aug. 3 - To spice up the summer an ice-cream shop in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware is serving its customers with Ghost Pepper Ice Cream, a dessert so hot that customers have to sign a waiver just to try it out.

Exercising in teen year cuts risk of early death in women

exerciseWashington DC, Aug 1 - A new research has suggested that women who exercise in their teenage years have a lower risk of death from cancer and other health isuues in their middle and older ages.

Black men likelier to die from prostate cancer than white counterparts

Black men likelier to die from prostate cancer than white counterpartsLondon, July 31 : A new study has claimed that black men are twice as likely to suffer from prostate cancer as compared to white men.

The researchers said that it could help individuals better understand their risk of developing prostate cancer and help them make an informed decision about whether or not to have a prostate specific antigen test, the Mirror reported.

Obesity-related inflammation may trigger type 2 diabetes

ObesityWashington DC, July 31 - Medical researchers have identified a new molecular mechanism which may play a role in development of type 2 diabetes.

Functional liver cells developed using stem cells

stem cellsWashington DC, July 31 - A group of scientists have claimed to have created functional liver cells from human embryonic and genetic engineered stem cells.

Human liver cells, called hepatocytes, are in short supply as they can only be isolated from donated organs.

Why practice doesn`t always make perfect

Music Training StudyWashington DC, July 29 - With a new research on the brain's capacity to learn, researchers have claimed that the brain has more to it than the well known saying "practice makes perfect."

In a music-training study conducted by the McGill University, evidence was found to distinguish the parts of the brain that accounted for individual talent from the parts that were activated through training.

How coffee consumption is associated with Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer DiseaseWashington DC, July 29 - A new study has predicted the association between coffee consumption habits and the incidence of pre-symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is considered a prodromal stage of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Blame your hormones for your cheating, unethical behaviour

cheatingWashington DC, July 29 - If you can't resist taking a peek into others' papers in exams, or nicking things from someone's house, it may be your hormones fault, claims a new study.

'Exercise mimic' molecule touted as potential diabetes, obesity cure

ExercisWashington DC, July 28 - Scientists have devised a molecule that acts as an exercise mimic and may help treat type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Built by the University of Southampton scientists, the molecule 'compound 14' makes cells think that they have ran out of energy by activating the cell's central energy sensor, known as AMPK and causes the cells to try and increase their energy levels by increasing glucose uptake and metabolism.

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