New heart study finding predicts future risk for cardiac patients

Cardiac patientsWashington, D. C. Aug. 31 - A new study has found that the heart's small left ventricle with thick walls, can be the strongest predictor of morphologic remodeling, which is most likely to be considered a first step towards heart failure in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease.

`Mixed depression` patients at higher risk committing suicide

SuicideWashington D. C., Aug 30 - A new study has claimed that patients who suffering from mixed depression are at a higher risk committing suicide.

Researchers evaluated 2811 patients suffering from depression, out of which, 628 had already attempted suicide. Each patient was interviewed by a psychiatrist as if it were a standard evaluation of a mentally-ill patient.

Strollers can make your kids sedentary and fat, says study

StrollersToronto, Aug 28 - A new study has found that strollers can enable inactive behavior in children and contribute to childhood obesity.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has advised parents to reduce the amount of time their children spend in strollers.

Stressed? Start colouring to reduce anxiety

Start colouringOttawa, Aug 28 - Are you unable to cope with stress? Well, its time you start colouring, as it can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Many book stores, departmental chains and even airport gift shops are selling colouring books for adults as a way to destress, relax and calm the mind and body, the Ottawa Citizen reports.

How texting can help diabetics manage insulin doses

textingWashington D. C., Aug 28 - A new study has revealed that texting can help diabetics with low-income to manage their insulin doses.

New York City's Bellevue Hospital's Diabetes Program researchers designed 'Mobile Insulin Titration Intervention,' with the aim of helping patients remotely manage their insulin doses, the iHealthBeat reported.

Bottle of water before meals could help in lose weight

Bottle of waterWashington D.C., Aug 27 - A new study claims that drinking a bottle of water before meals could help obese adults in reducing weight.

University of Birmingham researchers believe that the simple intervention could be hugely beneficial.

In the study, obese adult participants were recruited from general practices and monitored over a 12 week period.

Dementia sufferers may have memory impairment up to 3 yrs before onset of disease

Dementia sufferersWashington D.C., Aug 27 - A new study has revealed that people who suffer from dementia may start to lose their memory up to three years before disease takes hold.

Author Robert S. Wilson of the Rush University Medical Center said that their findings suggested that unawareness of one's memory problems was an inevitable feature of late-life dementia, driven by a buildup of dementia- related changes in the brain.

Omega-3 supplements have no effect on cognitive decline

Omega 3Washington D. C., Aug 26 - A new study has claimed that a diet high in Omega-3 fatty acids has no effect on cognitive decline in older persons.

Researcher Emily Chew of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) said they did not see any benefit of Omega-3 supplements for stopping cognitive decline.

How nature can help you to attain better sleep

How nature can help you to attain better sleepWashington. D. C. Aug. 25 - A new study has found that closer the older people will be to nature, better will be their sleep.

Women more stressful if working in male-dominated workplaces

Women more stressfulWashington D. C., Aug 25 - A new research has revealed that women who work in highly male-dominated occupations are more likely to experience high levels of interpersonal, workplace stress.

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