Agra: Three die after consuming toxic liquor

liquorAGRA, July 7 - At least three people died while three others were admitted to a hospital for treatment after allegedly consuming toxic liquor.

Is it possible to 'sniff out' autism?

autismLondon, Jul 4 - A team of researchers has suggested that the way children sniff different aromas can form the basis of a test for autism.

People inhale the delightful aroma of a bouquet of roses longer than the foul stench of rotting fish, but the results of tests on 36 children showed that there appeared to be no such difference in children with autism, the BBC reported.

How REM sleep disruption affects kids' brain development

REM sleepWashington DC, Jul 4 - A new study has suggested that rapid eye movement (REM) sleep actively converts waking experiences into lasting memories and abilities in young brains.

The Washington State University finding broadens the understanding of children's sleep needs and calls into question the increasing use of REM- disrupting medications such as stimulants and antidepressants.

Being `asexual` is also normal

Being AsexualNew York, July 4 - While we know there's a feeling of wanting to be intimate and at times not wanting to be, but there is also a word called 'Asexual' that exists which simply means you don't want sex at all.

Young adults usually have the urge to start relationship and find a partner for natural physical needs, but sometimes there are people who don't find sex pleasing and usually resist it, the New York Times reported.

Hypertension linked to cognitive decline

Hypertension linked to cognitive declineWashington DC, Jul 3 : Two new studies have delved into the connection between.

In 'Racial disparity in cognitive and functional disability in hypertension and its mortality,' researchers assessed the prevalence and racial disparity of subjective cognitive and functional limitations and their impact on mortality in the hypertensive US population.

Here's how `foodies` really are!

foodiesWashington DC, 3 July - While you may think you are a foodie as you tend to gorge in excess when it comes to any yummy treat, a new study has shown that adventurous eaters actually weigh less and may be healthier than their counterparts.

Dengue`s tail`s tale: How virus evolves to spread more efficiently

DengueWashington DC, Jul 3 - A team of scientists has identified how small changes in dengue's viral genome can affect the virus' ability to manipulate human immune defenses and spread more efficiently.

Implantable 'artificial pancreas' can free diabetics from daily insulin jabs

Implantable 'artificial pancreas' can free diabetics from daily insulin jabsWashington DC, Jul 2 : As per a new study, implantable "artificial pancreas" can help diabetes patients control their blood sugar.

Statins make women 'angrier' but men calmer

StatinsWashington DC, Jul 2 - A new study has linked statins, the hugely popular drug class used to manage blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease, to lower aggression in men, but higher in women.

Your diabetes med could help you shed kilos

DiabetesWashington DC, 2 July - Diabetic and want to lose weight? Now you can do both with help of a single medicine, as a new study has shown that Liraglutide, an injectable diabetes drug, helps people shed kilos.

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