LSD, magic mushrooms do not affect mental health

mushroomsWashington, March 6 - Psychedelics like LSD and magic mushrooms, do not put a person at risk of developing mental health problems, claims a new study.

Clinical psychologist Pal- and Ostrokerjan Johansen and neuroscientist Teri Krebs used data from the US National Health Survey (2008-2011) to analyze information from more than 135,000 randomly chosen people, including
19,000 people who had used psychedelics.

The studied the relationship between psychedelic drug use and psychological distress, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, plans, and attempts. The researchers found no link.

Eight more swine flu deaths in Maharashtra, toll reaches 178

Swine FluMumbai : Swine flu claimed eight more lives in Maharashtra on Thursday, taking the toll to 178 this year.

Besides, 134 new cases of the disease were detected on Thursday, taking the count of the affected people to 2,139, a health department official said here.

"Out of the total of 452 patients currently in hospitals, 40 are in a serious condition and have been kept on a ventilator," the official said.

The state government had provided ventilators, and cardiac monitors, etc., alongwith facilities like isolation wards and intensive care units at hospitals, he said.

WHO recommends annual vaccination to combat swine flu

WHOKolkata: Annual vaccination is the most effective solution for combating seasonal influenza infections such as swine flu, which has killed more than 1,200 people this year in India, the World Health Organisation has said.

"It is recommended that people get a flu vaccine even during seasons when drifted viruses are circulating. It's because vaccination can prevent some infections and can reduce serious ailments that can lead to hospitalisation and death," stated the Geneva-based agency.

Gujarat: PIL seeks compensation for families of swine flu victims

Swine FluAhmedabad : A public interest litigation filed in the Gujarat High Court has sought compensation of Rs five lakh for the relatives of people dying of swine flu and of Rs one lakh for the swine flu patients.

The division bench of acting Chief Justice V M Sahai and Justice R P Dholaria is likely to hear it on March 9.

The petition, filed by city-based lawyer Kishor Paul, says it is government's duty to pay compensation.

The state has witnessed 311 deaths due to the disease, and 5,236 cases, this year.

This retina protein may help beat blindness

BlindnessWashington, March 5 - Scientists have identified a retina protein that plays a crucial role for vision.

Researchers Nicolas Bazan, MD, PhD, Boyd Professor and Director of the LSU Health New Orleans Neuroscience Center of Excellence, found for the first time, the key molecular mechanisms leading to visual degeneration and blindness. The research reveals events that may be harnessed for prevention, as well as to slow down progression of retinal degenerative diseases.

You can gain 11-13 'heart failure-free' yrs by avoiding risk factors by age 45

Heart PatientWashington, Mar 5 - A team of scientists has quantified healthy years gained by avoiding risk factors, like obesity, hypertension and diabetes, for heart failure.

The study found that people who had obesity, hypertension and diabetes by age 45 were diagnosed with heart failure 11 to 13 years earlier, on average, than people who had none of those risk factors by age 45. People who had only one or two of the risk factors, but not all three, developed heart failure an average of three to 11 years earlier than people with none of the risk factors.

Spider venom may harbor chronic pain cure

Chronic PainWashington, March 5 - Scientists have identified 7 compounds in spider venom that may harbor cure for chronic pain.

According to the new research, these compounds block a key step in the body's ability to pass pain signals to the brain. The hunt for a medicine based on just one of these compounds could open up a new class of potent painkillers.

Omega-3 fatty acids may restrict further damage after heart attack

Omega3Washington, Mar 5 - A new study has revealed that omega-3 fatty acids may help restrict further damage after a heart attack, suggesting this therapy may provide added benefits to standard care.

As per the American College of Cardiology study, taking omega-3 fatty acids appeared to lower inflammation and guard against further declines in heart function among recent heart attack survivors already receiving optimal standard care.

Why exercise programs often do not lead to weight loss

exerciseWashington, Mar 5 - A new study has revealed how to avoid setting yourself up for failure while trying to lose weight.

The new study found that consumers tend to overestimate progress and underestimate setbacks when pursuing goals such as dieting or saving money.

High-salt diet can help ward off infections

High-salt diet can help ward off infectionsWashington, Mar 04 : A new study has recently revealed that salt accumulation in skin and tissue can help ward off infections.

Salt stores might be nature's way of providing a barrier to microbial invasion and boosting immune defenses. The researchers found that salt increased the activation of infection-fighting macrophages, a type of white blood cell .

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