Fitness game apps rarely motivate people to exercise

Fitness game apps rarely motivate people to exerciseWashington, Aug 22 : A new study has revealed about the popular trend of using fitness game apps to motivate people to exercise.

According to the lead author, Cameron Lister of Brigham Young University, it was just assumed that gamified apps would work, but there had been no research to show that they were effective for people in long-term.

Reading 'Fifty Shades' may be harmful for women's health

women s healthWashington, Aug 22 - A new study has revealed that the violence, which is normalized against women, in the popular fiction 'Fifty Shades' series might affect health of adolescent and young adult females readers.

Sleep helps in learning piano 'like' body movement sequences

Washington, Aug 22 - A new study has revealed that sleep is an important factor in the learning of body's movement as it helps to learn sequences of movements just like playing piano.

According to researchers at the University of Montreal, the regions of the brain below the cortex were important in information consolidation, especially information linked to a motor memory trace.

Blocking 'chili pepper receptors' may be panacea for pain

Chili PeppersWashington, Aug 21 - Scientists have revealed that blocking the receptor that reacts to chili and pepper, could relieve one off pain.

Biting into a chili pepper causes a burning spiciness that is irresistible to some, but intolerable to others. Scientists exploring the effect of chili-pepper are using their findings to develop a new drug candidate for many kinds of pain, which could be caused by inflammation or other problems.

Sleepless teens likelier to get obese

sleepless teensWashington, Aug 21 - A new study has demonstrated that teenagers who get less than six hours of sleep a night might be at risk of being obese as compared to their peers who sleep more than eight hours.

New vaccine offers 'stronger protection' against tuberculosis, leprosy

New vaccine offers 'stronger protection' against tuberculosis, leprosyWashington, Aug 20 : Scientists have discovered a new vaccine for tuberculosis and leprosy that could provide considerably stronger defense against both the diseases than the existing ones.

Laser optical tweezers provide insights into malaria parasites' RBC invasion

malariWashington, August 20 - Researchers have found interactions between the malaria-causing parasite and red blood cells using a tool called laser optical tweezers.

Hatha yoga improves cognitive performance in older adults

Hatha yoga improves cognitive performance in older adultsWashington, Aug 19 : A new study has claimed that 'hatha yoga' helps in increasing brain function amongst older adults.

According to the researchers, practicing hatha yoga three times a week for eight weeks improved sedentary older adults' performance on cognitive tasks that were relevant to everyday life.

Growing unrest sets back Liberia's Ebola fight

Growing unrest sets back Liberia's Ebola fightMonrovia - Authorities in Liberia urgently searched today for 17 people who fled an Ebola medical center over the weekend when it was attacked by looters who stole blood-stained sheets and mattresses and took them into an enormous slum.

Ebola virus: Ensure health checks at IGI airport, BJP urges Delhi LG

Ebola VirusNew Delhi - BJP has urged Delhi Lt Governor Najeeb Jung to ensure that proper health checks are done at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here to ensure that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa does not spread to India.

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