Indians Need More Work Out To Remain Fit!

Indians Need More Work Out To Remain Fit!Sticking to the western work out routine is not advantageous to Indian people who require exercising more if they have to maintain their physical condition.

This has been disclosed by a series of talks that took place between international researchers.

Over 130 researchers participated in the Consensus Physical Activity Guidelines for Asian Indians from different nations, which consist of India, Unites States, Britain and Australia.

The scientists decided on the point that genetic variations between western and Indian people suggest that the later will have to work harder to remain fit and fine.

A 45-minute walk thrice a week is suggested by the American Diabetic Association for people living in western countries but Indians will have to exercise for around one hour on a daily basis owing to genetic differences that raise the chance of having diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac illness and metabolic complications.

National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation's Dr. Anoop Misra stated, "A majority of Indians lead a sedentary lifestyle, thanks to the rapid economic and demographic transformation of India. Exercise should become top of the agenda for every Indian." (With Inputs from Agencies)


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