Brain Bleeding Common Among Elderly

Brain Bleeding Common Among ElderlyAs per a UC Irvine redearch, bleeding in a brain is a common occurrence among elderly.

Neurologist Dr. Mark Fisher said, “In this study, deep regions of the brain were closely examined under a microscope, and nearly all subjects had evidence of small areas of bleeding.”

Fisher, Kim and fellow workers at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center examined postmortem brain samples from 33 people, aged 71 years to 105 years, without any stroke history.

Cerebral microbleeds were keyed out in 22 cases – all taking place in capillary vessels, the small blood vessels of the brain.

"Drugs that interfere with platelets and blood clotting, such as aspirin, are known to be associated with microbleeds seen in brain imaging studies," Fisher said.

The regions of bleeding discovered in the research were very small and definitely not dangerous, Fisher said.

How they might have an effect on intellectual as well neurological function is a matter for further investigation.

The outcomes of the research appear online in the journal ‘Stroke’.

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