Million women take pills to relieve workplace stress

Million women take pills to relieve workplace stressLondon, April 10 : A survey has revealed that over a million women take medication to deal with workplace stress.

Also one in 10 working females admitted seeking help to cope as workplace morale hits an all-time low.

More than half of 13 million working women are kept awake at night by job-related worries with six out of 10 confessing it has ruined their sex life, according to the survey by Grazia magazine.

A third of women polled also say the office has got bitchier in the recession and half admitted considering a baby to go on maternity leave for a year to escape the drudgery, the Daily Express reported.

Most women stay in jobs they hate because of unemployment fears with one in three working longer hours.

One in 10 has been made redundant in the past year and 49 per cent think it is too risky to swap jobs.

Nearly two-thirds of women log on to Facebook and Twitter the moment they wake. Half check their emails.

Eight out of 10 admitted they have flirted with a male boss and a quarter even said they have flirted with a female boss to win promotion. Only one in 10 has dated their boss.

However, two-thirds of women still believe success comes from a job they love rather than the money they earn. (ANI)


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