Saudi scholar says sex abusers should undergo chemical castration to avoid rapes

chemical castrationManama, Mar. 26 - A Saudi religious scholar has said sexual predators should undergo chemical castration to combat sexual harassment or sex crimes.

Saud Bin Abdullah Al Fanisan, a former dean of the Sharia College at the Riyadh-based Imam University, said, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had banned castration, but if there is a chemical solution to make offenders lose interest in sex, then castration should be allowed.

According to Gulf News, chemical castration is performed through injection or tablets to remove sexual interest and make it impossible for a person to perform sexual acts.

Abdullah Al Fanisan added that even though anti -sexual harassment laws existed throughout the world, they did not succeed in finding a lasting solution for the issue.

The scholar added that he opted offenders to undergo chemical castration because it seems that it has a potent effect on offenders. (ANI)


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