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Addicted to smoking? Blame James Bond for it

London [UK], Jan. 18 : After getting you addicted to vodka Martinis, James Bond could now be blamed for turning you into a smoker!

Cigarettes feature in all but one of the 24 movies filmed to date, new research has discovered.

And despite kicking the habit in 2002 - before Daniel Craig took over - he continues to be exposed to second-hand smoke from his sexual partners, experts say.

However, the typically brief encounters would have helped to cut his risk of lung cancer, scientists claim.


How long will you live? Your blood test can give the answer

London [UK], Jan. 8 : If it's true, it could be a game changer!

Believe it or not, scientists at Boston University claim to have discovered a game-changing blood test that could help predict lifespans.

The study, published in the journal Aging Cell on Friday, used biomarker data collected from 5,000 blood samples and analysed it against the donors' health developments over the subsequent eight years.


Half of women want to lose at least one stone!

London [UK], January 2 : As the festive season is almost on the verge of signing off, loads of changes have come to your body.

You might have even put on some extra pounds! But don't worry, you are not the only one undergoing this feeling.

Two thirds of women are unhappy with the size and shape of their figure, a new survey has revealed, reports the Daily Mail.


Research shows low calorie drinks actually boost weight

London [England], Nov, 28 : In a recent study, scientists have found that low calorie fizzy drinks could actually make you fatter than regular options.

Individuals following diet could gain better results by deterring from the supposedly 'healthy' variants, reports Express.

The report published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism journal narrows down the reason to the sugar substitutes used in the drinks.


Scientists develop metal penis to help men with erectile dysfunction

London [England], Nov, 28 : In an interesting new innovation, scientists have created a heat-activated metal penis to aide men with erectile dysfunction.

Many men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, whether it comes from drinking too much, stress or simply getting older.

Developed by experts at the University of Wisconsin in America, the remote-controlled device elongates up to eight inches when heated to 42C, reports Daily Mail.


Menopausal hormone therapy can improve bone health: Study

Women who undergo hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes can not only increase bone mass, but also can improve bone structure, according to a new study.
According to previous studies, menopausal hormone therapy can have positive impact on bone mineral density.

The new study showed that menopausal hormone therapy also can improve bone mass and structure and that the bone health benefits persist for at least two years after women stop treatment.


British women can pick sperm donors on 'order a daddy' app

Now, the British women can get sperm donors just in a click.

The London Sperm Bank has just launched a Tinder-style smart-phone app that would allow them to choose a sperm donor to father their child, based on certain qualifications, reports the Mirror.

The "order a daddy" app allows women to browse for sperm donors, one of whom could potentially become the daddy of their child, by choosing those with particular physical characteristics such as those that relate to the height, weight as well as hair and eye color.


Old age home residents are given sedatives to control their behaviour, reveals study

A recent study has revealed that elderly care home residents are routinely being given dangerous 'chemical cosh' drugs to keep them sedated.

Despite a supposed crackdown on the use of the controversial pills, one in five is being given antipsychotics to control their behaviour and keep them calm.

According to a Daily Mail report, more than three quarters of the prescriptions were 'excessive' on these drugs.

The study stated that residents were often kept on the drugs for far longer than the recommended six weeks, and in some cases until they died.


New test to predict the exact time an advanced ovarian cancer patient would live

A new computer test has been developed that is helping doctors to accurately predict the survival span of women suffering from advanced ovarian cancer.

The test, developed by experts at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, highlighted a 'staggering' difference between those patients who would live for five years or more and those who would die before that, reports Daily Mail.

It examines the cell 'ecosystem' around secondary tumors, in other parts of the body, once cancer has spread from the ovaries.


Men suffering with severe anxiety are twice more likely to die from cancer

London [England], Sept. 20 : As per a recent research men, who suffer from severe anxiety are twice more likely to die from cancer than men, who stay calm and relaxed.

However, women with the mental health condition were at no greater risk, reports Daily Mail.

Researchers suggest that anxious men may be more likely to 'self-medicate' their anxiety by drinking and smoking more than women and both factors increase the likelihood of getting cancer.

Women are also quicker at going to the doctor, allowing the cancer to be detected earlier, making it easier to treat.