Stressful situations make gay, lesbian teens binge drink

binge drinkingWashington, May 5 - A new study has revealed that chronic stress caused by difficult social situations may be the reason behind higher rates of binge drinking by lesbian and gay adolescents compared to their heterosexual peers.

Young blood proves to be fountain of youth for elderly

miceWashington, May 5 - Researchers have shown that a protein they earlier showed can make the failing hearts in aging mice appear more like those of young health mice, similarly improves brain and skeletal muscle function in aging mice.

India sees decline in maternal and child deaths: Lancet

India sees decline in maternal and child deaths: LancetWashington, May 3 - Two-thirds of the global decline in child deaths since 2000 occurred in just nine countries - India, China, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Nigeria, a new study in Lancet has revealed.

US reports first case of deadly MERS virus

MERS VirusWashington, May 3 - The US reported Friday reported first case of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

The patient, now was kept in an isolated place in an Indiana hospital after being diagnosed with the MERS virus, Xinhua reported citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.

He is "in stable condition" and "is being well cared for, CDC said.

Extreme sleeping habit can affect memory in older adults

SleepWashington, May 2  : A new study has revealed that there is an association between midlife and later life sleeping habits with memory and extreme sleep durations can worsen memory in later life.

9 month old babies can differentiate between real-life objects and pictures

babiesWashington, May 1 - A new study has found that babies as young as 9 months have the ability to recognize real-life objects from pictures.

The research, conducted by scientists at Royal Holloway, University of London, and the University of South Carolina, found that babies can learn about a toy from a photograph of it well before their first birthday.

Fourfold risk of deafness occupational hazard for professional musicians

deafness occupationalWashington, May 1 - A new study has found that facing upto fourfold risk of noise induced hearing loss is an occupational hazard for professional musicians.

Noise induced deafness can be caused by sudden very loud noise, such as an explosion or gunfire, but it may also develop gradually as a result of repeated exposure to loud noise, suggested the study authors.

Eating lots of fiber may help heart attack survivors to live longer

Eating lots of fiber may help heart attack survivors to live longerWashington, April 30 : A new study has revealed that a higher intake of cereal fiber in heart attack survivors may improve long-term survival rates.

According to researchers, people who survive heart attacks have a greater chance of living longer if they increase their dietary intake of fibre - and eating lots of cereal fibre is especially beneficial.

Anti-smoking TV ads using anger more persuasive to viewers

smokinWashington, April 30 - Researchers have said anti-smoking television advertisements that appeal to viewers' emotions are more persuasive when they use anger rather than sadness.

In the new study, researchers from Dartmouth College's Geisel School of Medicine and Cornell University examined how viewers process those negative emotions.

Why protein-rich breakfast is essential for your health

breakfastWashington, April 29 - A new study has found that a breakfast rich in protein can provide better appetite and glucose control as compared to lower-protein breakfast.

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