Adolescents urged to consume low-fat diet for lesser accumulation of abdomen fat

abdominal fat.Washington, Jan. 9 - Researchers have confirmed that, irrespective of the total calories consumed and the physical activity done, an excessive proportion of fat in the diet leads to a greater accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

Why people tend to put on weight

Why people tend to put on weightWashington, Jan 8 - A new study has revealed that a protein in the brain helps regulate food intake and body weight.

The findings reveal a potential new avenue for the treatment of obesity and may help explain why medications that are prescribed for epilepsy and other conditions that interfere with this protein, such as gabapentin and pregabalin, can cause weight gain.

Health and wealth 'more strongly connected' than previously believed

Health and wealth 'more strongly connected' than previously believedWashington, Jan. 8 - A team of researchers have suggested that health and wealth may be more strongly connected than previously believed.

The group examined Americans' Google search patterns and discovered that during the recent Great Recession, people searched considerably more frequently for information about health ailments.

New causes of diabetes discovered

diabetesWashington, Jan 8 - Researchers have discovered two new genetic causes of neonatal diabetes.

The new research by the University of Exeter Medical School has provided further insights on how the insulin-producing beta cells are formed in the pancreas

The team discovered that mutations in two specific genes which are important for development of the pancreas can cause the disease.

US state confirms 20 flu deaths

US state confirms 20 flu deathsWashington, Jan 8 - Health officials confirmed at least 20 people have died from flu, mostly H1N1 influenza, in north Texas this season, media reported Tuesday.

The tally was made by health departments in Dallas county, Denton county and Tarrant county, all in north Texas, Xinhua quoted local media KHOU as saying in a report.

MS patients may not actually have to refrain from alcohol

drinking alcoholWashington, Jan. 7 - Drinking alcohol seems to have a dose-dependent inverse association with the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS), a new study has suggested.

Mother's touch critical for premies

Mother's touch critical for premiesWashington, Jan. 7 - Scientists have claimed that the benefits that premature infants gain from skin-to-skin contact with their mothers is measurable even 10 years after birth.

In a new study, Dr. Ruth Feldman, a Professor at Bar-Ilan University, and her team studied the impact of different levels of physical contact on prematurely born infants.

Good old water fast replacing diet sodas as preferred thirst quencher

diet sodaWashington, January 6 - Diet sodas are witnessing a marked decline in sales and are being replaced by water.

After surging in popularity for decades, concerns over chemicals they contain have disillusioned people from the fizzy drinks, resulting in a 6.8 percent decline in sales, CBS News reported.

Several drinkers are doubtful whether diet sodas help in weight loss and are shifting to water. (ANI)

New crime tool to help lift samples from mixed DNA

DNAWashington, Jan. 5 - A new crime tool developed in New Zealand can help police unravel the strands from samples containing more than one person's DNA.

The software, called STRmix, has been sold to the US Army, and the FBI is already in talks to acquire it.

Fear of childbirth triples risk of postpartum depression

pregnantWashington, January 4 : Pregnant women who fear childbirth are at an increased risk of postpartum depression, it has been revealed.

According to a study of over 500,000 mothers in Finland, fear of childbirth during pregnancy was discovered to nearly triple the risk of postpartum depression.

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