Mother's touch critical for premies

Mother's touch critical for premiesWashington, Jan. 7 - Scientists have claimed that the benefits that premature infants gain from skin-to-skin contact with their mothers is measurable even 10 years after birth.

In a new study, Dr. Ruth Feldman, a Professor at Bar-Ilan University, and her team studied the impact of different levels of physical contact on prematurely born infants.

Good old water fast replacing diet sodas as preferred thirst quencher

diet sodaWashington, January 6 - Diet sodas are witnessing a marked decline in sales and are being replaced by water.

After surging in popularity for decades, concerns over chemicals they contain have disillusioned people from the fizzy drinks, resulting in a 6.8 percent decline in sales, CBS News reported.

Several drinkers are doubtful whether diet sodas help in weight loss and are shifting to water. (ANI)

New crime tool to help lift samples from mixed DNA

DNAWashington, Jan. 5 - A new crime tool developed in New Zealand can help police unravel the strands from samples containing more than one person's DNA.

The software, called STRmix, has been sold to the US Army, and the FBI is already in talks to acquire it.

Fear of childbirth triples risk of postpartum depression

pregnantWashington, January 4 : Pregnant women who fear childbirth are at an increased risk of postpartum depression, it has been revealed.

According to a study of over 500,000 mothers in Finland, fear of childbirth during pregnancy was discovered to nearly triple the risk of postpartum depression.

New drug target for treating deadly malaria identified

New drug target for treating deadly malaria identifiedWashington, Jan 03 : Researchers have revealed that a protein and other proteins it interacts with could become effective targets for new drugs to control the parasite that cause toxoplasmosis.

'Good night's sleep' essential for brain health

night sleepWashington, Jan. 1 : Researchers have found that one night of sleep depravity can cause morning blood concentrations of molecules NSE and S-100B to increase in healthy young men.

These molecules are typically found in the brain. Thus, their rise in blood after sleep loss may indicate that a lack of snoozing might be conducive to a loss of brain tissue.

Mixing right cocktail of proteins can help build better malaria vaccine

cocktailWashington, Dec 27 : Researchers including an Indian-origin scientist have suggested that that a cocktail of AMA1 proteins from only a few different strains can overcome major limitations of an earlier designed version of AMA1-based malaria vaccines.

Now, barcode scanner like device to spot blinding eye disease

Now, barcode scanner like device to spot blinding eye diseaseWashington, Dec 26 : Scientists have developed a new hand-held optical device that can detect eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration, with just a simple scan of the retina.

New gene study brings arthritis drug closer to reality

rheumatoid arthritisWashington, Dec. 26 - A team of researchers has discovered new genes, pathways and cell types that are involved in inherited susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis

Female drinkers at higher risk of developing liver disease than men

Female drinkersWashington, Dec 26 : A new study has revealed that women drinkers are more susceptible to the damaging effects of alcohol than men because they are generally smaller in stature and have less body water when compared to men.

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