Almonds best for reducing hunger pangs without piling on the pounds

almondWashington, Oct 9 : A new study has found that people who eat 1.5 ounces of dry-roasted, lightly salted almonds every day experience reduced hunger and improved dietary vitamin E and monounsaturated ("good") fat intake without increasing body weight.

Snacking has become nearly universal behavior in the United States, with an estimated 97 percent of Americans consuming at least one snack per day.

Simple urine test could help diagnose eye disease

eye diseaseWashington, Oct. 9  : A new study has claimed to have found the link between patient's urine to gene mutations that cause retinitis pigmentosa, or RP, an inherited, degenerative disease that results in severe vision impairment and often blindness.

Sleeping for six to eight hours at night cuts heart disease risk

sleepingWashington, Oct 08 - A new research by an Indian origin scientist has claimed that sleeping for six to eight hours a night could help cut the risk of heart problems and stroke.

Author Dr Saurabh Aggarwal, of Chicago Medical School has found that people who sleep less than six hours a night were twice as likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke, compared to those who sleep between six and eight hours, News. com. au reported.

How air pollution and maternal psychological distress affects kid's behavioural development

pregnancyWashington, Oct 08 - A new study has revealed that psychological distress combined with exposure to air pollution during pregnancy have an adverse impact on the child's behavioural development.

Dexterous hand may have evolved before bipedal feet

Dexterous hand may have evolved before bipedal feetWashington, Oct. 8 : Early hominids may have developed finger dexterity and tool use ability before bipedal locomotion was developed in them, a new study has suggested.

Adolescents strongly influenced by athletes' endorsement of 'unhealthy foods': Study

unhealthy foodsWashington, Oct 8 - Children, especially adolescents, may be strongly influenced by the endorsement of unhealthy foods by star athletes, according to a study.


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