Do you want to cut heart failure risk? Exercise more and sit less

ExerciseWashington, Jan. 22 : Researchers have found that sitting for long periods increases heart failure risk in men, even for those who exercise regularly.

Deborah Rohm Young, Ph. D., lead researcher and a senior scientist at Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena, California, has advised to be more active and sit less.

Happier people maintain better physical function as they age

Happier peopleWashington, Jan 21 - A new study has revealed that people who enjoy life maintain better physical function in daily activities and keep up faster walking speeds as they age, compared with people who enjoy life less.

A study of 3199 men and women aged 60 years or over living in England looked at the link between positive well-being and physical well-being, following participants over 8 years.

Tips for taking care of skin during winters revealed

Tips for taking care of skin during winters revealedWashington, Jan 20 : Winter time can be hard on the skin, making it dry, flaky and itchy, but with proper care you can effectively banish your skin woes.

Dermatologist Rita Pichardo-Geisinger, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, provides tips that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine to help keep your skin and hair in prime condition.

Mechanism behind Alzheimer's-related memory loss identified

alzheimersWashington, Jan. 20 - Researchers have claimed to have identified a protein in the brain that plays a critical role in the memory loss seen in Alzheimer's patients.

The protein - Neuroligin-1 (NLGN1) - is known to be involved in memory formation; this is the first time it's been linked to amyloid-associated memory loss.

Spirituality and religion may protect brain from depression

Spirituality and religion may protect brain from depressionWashington, Jan 18 : A new study has found that spiritual or religious practice may guard against depression, particularly in people who are predisposed to the disease, by thickening the brain cortex.

US surgeon general links smoking to more diseases

US surgeon general links smoking to more diseasesWashington, Jan 18 - Acting US Surgeon General Boris D. Lushniak expanded in his latest report the list of diseases caused by smoking, a warning that comes 50 years after the first official government document that associated tobacco with lung cancer.

How fibre-rich diet prevents diabetes and obesity

How fibre-rich diet prevents diabetes and obesityWashington, Jan 16 : It has been known for year that a fibre-rich diet protects the organism against obesity and diabetes, and not a French-Swedish team of researchers has succeeded in elucidating this mechanism, which involves the intestinal flora and the ability of the intestine to produce glucose between meals.

20 min aerobics/day can dramatically reduce women's diabetes risk

aerobicsWashington, Jan. 15 : Researchers have said women who engaged in at least 150 min/week of aerobic activity and at least 60 min/week of muscle-strengthening activities had the most substantial risk reduction compared with inactive women.

How body's immune system fights off malaria

How body's immune system fights off malariaWashington, Jan 14 : By using a strain of mice that mimics many of the features of the human immune system and can be infected with the most common human form of the malaria parasite, a team of scientists has identified a key host defense mechanism.

New breakthrough brings hope for kidney patients

kidney patientWashington, Jan. 13 - A new study has revealed that certain cells contribute to kidney function decline, making them attractive targets for treatments against kidney failure.

The blood-filtering cells in the kidneys- called podocytes- are critical to kidney function, and kidney failure can occur when as little as about 20 percent to 30 percent of them are lost.

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