On-time investigation of persistent swollen neck glands may help avoid cancer

cancerWashington, Apr.27 - A new study has revealed that on-time investigation of patients with persistent swollen neck glands may help avoid higher risks of cancer.

New research led by the University of Exeter Medical School along with Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Bangor has found that persistent enlarged lymph glands, found in the neck, could indicate lymphoma, a type of cancer.

Now, breath-test to predict stomach cancer risk

Breath TestWashington, Apr 14 - A new study has revealed about a new breath technology that senses minute changes in the levels of particular compounds in exhaled breath, accurately identifies high risk changes heralding stomach cancer development.

The findings prompt the researchers to suggest that the technology, known as nanoarray analysis, could be used not only to test for the presence of stomach cancer, but also to monitor those at high risk of subsequently developing the disease.

Viagra may have anti-cancer, anti- Alzheimer's properties

ViagraWashington, Mar 10 - A new study has shed light on Viagra observing that Viagra can have anti-cancer, antibacterial, and therapeutic effects if used with new drugs.

The study has shown that how existing drugs such as Viagra or Cialis and a derivative of the drug Celebrex, for example, can reduce the activity of a specific chaperone protein, with the potential for anti-tumor and anti-Alzheimer's disease effects.

Why red meat causes cancer revealed

Red MeatWashington, Dec 30 - A new study has examined that Neu5Gc, a non-human sugar found in red meat, promotes inflammation and cancer progression in rodents.

'Christmas veggie' Brussels sprout can help fight cancer

brussels sproutsLondon, Dec 25 - Brussels sprout does more than serving as a Christmas vegetable, as the superfood could also help you fight cancer, claim scientists.

The little green vegetable is a nutrient-dense powerhouse, and having only a cup of the smelly food contains 240 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin K1 and nearly 130 percent of your daily vitamin C intake, the Daily Star reported.

Terminally Ill cancer patient ends her own life at 29

cancer patientWashington, Nov 3 - Terminally Ill woman Brittany Maynard, who decided to end her life because of terrible brain cancer, passed away on her own will.

The 29-year-old woman had earlier posted a message wishing goodbye to her dear friends and family adding that she had chosen a particular day to pass away with dignity in the face of her terminal illness, People Magazine reported.


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