Clashes throughout Egypt on uprising anniversary kill five, injure more than 252

Clashes throughout Egypt on uprising anniversary kill five, injure more than 252 Cairo, Jan. 26 : Clashes between protesters and security forces in a massive demonstration marking the second anniversary of the so-called "revolution" throughout Egypt killed five and injured at least
252 Friday, arousing fears of more violence in the country.

"The number of those injured during the demonstration reached 252 as off now. Those with bruises have been treated and left the hospital, while others more severely injured are still under treatment," spokesman of the Egyptian Health Ministry Ahmed Omar told Xinhua late Friday.

Five protesters were killed during clashes in Suez while 31 policemen and soldiers were wounded nationwide, according to the state TV.

Protesters stormed the governorate building in Suez on Friday night. The confrontations are continuing outside the Suez provincial government and security directorate premises, official news agency MENA reported.

Since Thursday night, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians had begun rallying in public squares of main cities in Egypt, in a bid to express their anger toward President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, whose electoral muscle put Morsi into office.

Tens of thousands of people flocked into Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo after the Friday prayers, chanting slogans like " down to the constitution, down to the Shura Council, down to the Muslim Brotherhood."

Roads leading to the square were blocked by some protesters and soldiers, between whom clashes erupted in the street of Shaikh Rihan near the Cairo American University, leaving several soldiers injured.

Meanwhile, protesters also showed up outside the presidential palace in Helioplos, where the security forces used tear gas bombs to dispel the protesters who tried to remove the barbed wires before the palace.

In the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, protesters clashed with soldiers and policemen outside the Local Council and Alexandria Criminal Court. Protesters tried to throw stones at the security forces while the latter responded with tear gas.

A group of masked protesters blocked a road leading to the Raml metro station district in Alexandria, forcing the traffic to a standstill.

Amid the inflamed marches and demonstrations in Ismailia, the Muslim Brotherhood''s (MB) headquarters there were torched by angry demonstrators. The fire has been put under control so far. (ANI)


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