Now, T-shirts featuring five notorious dictators as ‘part-time superheroes’

Now, T-shirts featuring five notorious dictators as ‘part-time superheroes’London, Jan 8 : A high-street urban outfitter is reportedly selling T-shirts, which feature five notorious dictators and joke that some of the world's most notorious ones like Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong-Il were `part-time superheroes.'

The clothing retailer, which is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has 24 stores across the UK, is selling a white T-shirt for 32 pounds which features the black heading of `D. W. A. - Dictators with Attitude', the Daily Mail reported.

This T-shirt is said to be listed as an `online exclusive' on the company's website, and jokes that Gaddafi, Hitler and Hussein are in the `world's most notorious rap group' along with Idi Amin and Kim Jong-Il

Earlier, in October, Urban Outfitters was criticized by the Human Rights Foundation group in New York for offering T-shirts with the image of Argentine revolutionary leader Ernesto `Che' Guevara. (ANI)


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