Pak has designated US ''enemy'' by terming Taliban leader Mullah Nazir ''friendly'': Editorial

Pak has designated US ''enemy'' by terming Taliban leader Mullah Nazir ''friendly'': EditorialIslamabad, Dec. 3 : An editorial in a Pakistani daily has said that by designating Taliban leader Mullah Nazir as ''friendly'', Pakistan has indirectly designated the Americans as an enemy of the country.

Mullah Nazir, leader of a faction inside the Taliban network, who was recently attacked and injured by a suicide bomber in South Waziristan, was considered friendly by Pakistan because unlike the other factions bound to Al-Qaeda and sworn to jihad against the ISAF forces in Afghanistan, he abstained from targeting places and people inside Pakistan, the editorial in The Express Tribune said.

Since the latest attack did not come from the drones, it is assumed that Mullah Nazir has been targeted by another faction inside the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), it said. Since peace agreements with the Taliban have not borne fruit, the TTP also does not consider this designation of ''friend of Pakistan'' as a positive development.

With the onset of the TTP strategy of attacking Pakistan across its territory, a Taliban commander unwilling to attack Pakistanis is not acceptable to the Taliban even if it was tolerated in the past, the editorial said.

By targeting Mullah Nazir, the TTP may have further complicated the map of adversaries in the region.

The complexity of this development can be judged from the fact that the attack on Nazir benefits both Taliban and the Americans: both have gained without any gains to Pakistan, it further said.

The fact that Mullah Nazir was operating in South Waziristan more or less under the Pakistan Army''s control tends to prove that his faction was not considered dangerous by Pakistan, the editorial stated.

Mullah Nazir was a zealous devotee of the faction of Mullah Umar of Afghanistan and, together with his Al-Qaeda allies, attacked American forces inside Afghanistan.

By calling him ''friendly'', Pakistan signalled its own opposition to the Americans and their strategy as well, the editorial concluded. (ANI)


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