Passengers reveal horror on Emirates flight after mid-air ‘engine explosion’ en route to Dubai

Passengers reveal horror on Emirates flight after mid-air ‘engine explosion’ en route to DubaiSydney, Nov 12 : Distressed passengers travelling on Emirates A380 have told how they survived a mid-air emergency after the flight's engine exploded at 10,000 feet and forced it to turn back for an emergency landing.

About 20 minutes after leaving Sydney, Emirates flight EK413 experienced an `engine fault' en route to Dubai.

"I saw a flash," John Fothergill, from Auckland, said, adding: "I thought it could have been lightening but then we saw flames come out of the engine. The whole interior of the A380 lit up".

"You'd have to say there were two or three metre flames. (The) explosion shook the plane, there was a bigger judder," he added.

According to news. com. au, Emirates flight attendants responded by moving straight to the windows that faced out to the engine and observed the damage and asked the passengers what they had seen.

Fothergill's wife, Dr Amal Aburawi, described how the Emirates staff reacted and said that the staff `panicked more than the passengers'.

She further criticised the flight attendants for not properly informing some non-English speaking passengers of the incident.

According to the report, Emirates said an `engine fault' was to be blamed for the incident.

The pilot contacted ground crew at Sydney Airport and a decision was made to dump fuel and turn the plane around.

"Passengers are being re-booked on alternative flights (and) Emirates apologises for any inconvenience caused to its customers,'''''''' Emirates said. (ANI)


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