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Check latest hot topics and new pictures Last Updated: 23 April, 2014
United States

'Tween' TV programming promotes gender roles stereotypes

tvWashington, April 23 : Researchers have said that " Tween TV programming consists of two genres: "teen scene" (geared toward girls) and "action-adventure" (geared toward boys) and could lead tweens to limit their views of their potential roles in society.

Fast cars don't really impress women!

car womenNew York, Apr 23 : A new survey has shown that women are far more attracted to guys who drive something more practical, like a Prius.

Speed-reading apps may not be as helpful as believed

speed reading appsWashington, April 23 : Researchers have pointed out that speed-reading apps can impair reading comprehension by limiting ability to backtrack.

Binary supermassive black holes discovered

binary supermassiveWashington, April 23 : An international research team has discovered a pair of supermassive black holes in orbit around one another.

Implications of recent revelations about universe's first light revealed

universeWashington, April 23 : Scientists last month announced first hard evidence for cosmic inflation, the process by which the infant universe swelled from microscopic to cosmic size in an instant.

Fed court orders Obama administration to release memos justifying drone strikes on Americans

drone strikesWashington, Apr 22 : The Obama administration has been ordered by a federal appeals court to release a revised version of secret memos justifying the use of drones to kill American citizens suspected of terrorism overseas.

MESSENGER completes 3,000th orbit of Mercury

orbit of mercuryWashington, Apr 22 : MESSENGER has recently completed its 3,000th orbit of Mercury and moved closer to the planet than any spacecraft has been before, dropping to an altitude of 199 kilometers (123.7 miles) above the planet's surface.

Now, brew your own beer from concentrate at home

beerWashington, April 22 : Sparkling Drink Systems and its newest partner Pat's Backcountry Beverages are set to offer consumers the power to brew beer from concentrate - one 16 ounce glass at a time.