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Check latest hot topics and new pictures Last Updated: 23 April, 2014
United States

Michelle Obama taking TV by storm this spring

michelle obamaWashington, April 22 : Michelle Obama is set to appear on Disney sitcom 'Jessie' on May 16; she'll also appear on ABC's ' Nashville' next month and the finale of NBC's ' Parks and Recreation ' on April 24.

Now, generate electricity by just flushing your toilet

toiletWashington, Apr 22 : We may soon be able to generate renewable energy from just flushing the toilet.

Domesticated chili pepper originated in Central-east Mexico

chili pepperWashington, April 22 : Researchers have said that domesticated chili pepper originated in Central-east Mexico.

West criticizes Assad for announcing elections amid surging violence

Washington, Apr 22 : Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's decision to hold presidential elections amid surging violence in the country has invoked criticism from the West.

According to the BBC, the US has dismissed the Syrian plan to hold a presidential election on 3 June as a "parody of democracy".

'Upside-down planet' reveals new method for studying binary star systems

binarysystemsWashington, April 22 : Astronomers have said what at first looked like an upside-down planet has revealed a new method for studying binary star systems .

Soon, attack drones that can attack from ocean floor

Washington, Apr 19 : The Pentagon has developed attack drones that can patiently wait on the ocean floor for years.

DARPA, the Pentagon's research arm charged with creating breakthrough technologies for national security, believes robotic pods that can quickly surface from the ocean floor are the perfect tool for a Navy that cannot always be in a region when hostilities first arise.

Chromebook may soon open when close to your smartphone sans password

martphoneWashington, Apr 19 : Chromebook may soon add a new feature, which will automatically unlock the device when in close proximity with a registered smartphone.

Facebook adds new features to iPhone app 'Paper'

facebook appWashington, Apr 19 : The social networking giant has added new features like birthday and event reminders and photo comments to its two month old iPhone app called Paper.