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Check latest hot topics and new pictures Last Updated: 20 August, 2014
United States

Russia faces deepening isolation from international community: White House

white houseWashington: Russia faces the prospects of more economic sanctions and further isolation from the international community if it does not stop supporting separatist rebels in Ukraine, the White House has said.

US asks Israel, Hamas to show restraint during ceasefire

josh earnestWashington: Strongly supporting the humanitarian ceasefire announced in Gaza Friday, the US appealed to Israel and Hamas to act with restraint during the truce period and to abide by their commitments.

'Pakistan used US anti-terror military aid to fight India'

ronald neumannWashington: Most of the American military aid to Islamabad for counter-insurgency has gone into buying equipment to fight India, a former US diplomat has told lawmakers as he described Pakistan as a country which is "on the edge in many ways of being a failed state".

Suit filed against US govt over Muslim citizenship denials, delays

muslim usLos Angeles: Five people are suing the US government alleging that an expanded national security screen targeting Muslims has led to lengthy delays and denials in their applications for citizenship and green cards.

London welcomes Hinduja-built pure electric buses

hinduja groupLondon: In a bid to improve London's air quality and make it the world's first Ultra Low Emission Zone, four pure electric buses made by the Hinduja Group have been introduced here trialling new emission-free technology.

Malaysia Airlines plane halts take-off after collision scare

Malaysia Airlines plane halts take-off after collision scareWashington, July 31 - A Malaysia Airlines plane was forced to halt in the middle of the runway as it was about to take-off, after air traffic control radioed pilots warning them of an imminent collision with another aircraft.

US not looking for permanent military presence in Africa

susan riceWashington: The US does not intend to have a permanent military presence in Africa to resolve the continent's conflicts, but is committed to help its partners confront transnational threats, a top Obama administration official has said.

Stand on TFA contrary to India's promise on biz: Trade bodies

tfaWashington: With India firm on its Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) stand, top global trade bodies and experts said this policy is quite contrary to the promise made by the new government that it is open for business.