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Check latest hot topics and new pictures Last Updated: 20 April, 2014
United States

Why gamblers inevitably end up losing

gamblersWashington, April 8 : Researchers have found that brain damage affecting the insula - an area with a key role in emotions - disrupts errors of thinking linked to gambling addiction.

Breakthrough in measuring universe's rate of expansion could help explain dark energy

universeWashington, April 8 : Researchers have found a new way of using quasars to track the expanding universe, which the claim is the most precise measurement yet.

Aggression in video gamers comes from failure, not violent content

video gamersWashington, April 8 : Slamming popular belief, psychologists have claimed that feelings of failure and frustration lead to aggression in video game players rather than the videos' violent content.

Now, security system that recognizes how owner taps and swipes a mobile device

Now, security system that recognizes how owner taps and swipes a mobile deviceWashington, Apr 8 : Cybersecurity researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new security system that continuously monitors how a user taps and swipes a mobile device.

520-million-year-old shrimp-like creatures had 'modern' hearts and blood vessels

shrimpWashington, April 8 : Researchers have found a fossil of 520-million-year-old shrimp-like creatures, which had "modern" hearts and blood vessels.

Now, game that will help scientists find exoplanets

exoplanetsWashington, April 8 : Researchers have developed a new game, Super Planet Crash, which can help them find planets beyond our solar system.

Global warming could be accelerated by permafrost thawing

global warmingWashington, April 8 : Researchers have found new evidence that permafrost thawing is releasing large quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere via plants, which could accelerate warming trends.

'US cop's arrest has nothing to do with Khobragade case'

New Delhi/Washington, April 5 - A New York police officer arrested at Delhi airport last month for carrying bullets in his luggage is out on bail, authorities in India said Saturday as officials dismissed US media reports terming it India's revenge over the Khobragade affair.