Richard Branson plans ‘walk on moon surface’

Richard Branson plans ‘walk on moon surface’London, Dec 3 : British business tycoon Sir Richard Branson is planning his most daring adventure yet, a walk on the moon surface.

The 62-year-old businessman is said to be among a small team of billionaires investing in a commercially funded lunar mission.

Richard is said to want to be among the team of up to four explorers who will touch down on the moon in 2020, the Sun reports.

The 75 million dollars space trip has been secretly planned for wealthy clients by a company named Golden Spike.

It has been set up by leading aerospace experts including ex-NASA science chief Alan Stern.

According to the report, Golden Spike is expected to make an announcement about the lunar mission in Washington on Thursday.

Early investors are being asked to put up initial sums of 6.3 million pounds each in Golden Spike, which plans to use conventional US rocket technology to prepare a private manned moon campaign. (ANI)


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