Saudi intellectuals back study recommending lifting women driving ban

Saudi intellectuals back study recommending lifting women driving ban	Riyadh, Dec 19 : Over 3,000 nationals of Saudi Arabia, including prominent writers and academics, have endorsed a study that recommends lifting a ban on women driving, a report has said.

A Saudi online newspaper Sabq quoted Abdullah Al Alami, a researcher who contributed to the study, as saying it was sent to King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz's main advisory body, the Shura Council, asking them to set a date to discuss it.

According to Gulf News, the key religious leaders in the ultraconservative Muslim kingdom want to maintain the practice of not letting women drive.

However, some other less influential religious scholars have backed a movement to encourage the king to change the laws, the report said.

King Abdullah has brought some changes in the country favouring women, such as allowing them to join the Shura Council as well as vote and run in next year's municipal elections. (ANI)


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