Simple tips to get more likes on your holiday Facebook updates

Simple tips to get more likes on your holiday Facebook updatesLondon, Jan 14 : Facebook users who are having trouble getting friends attention to your vacation snaps can follow some simple steps to get more likes on your holiday updates on the social media site.

According to the Metro, some of the simple tips are as follows:

1) Engage with your audience

It is very important to engage with the audience. When someone comments on, likes or shares your photo, it's good to both like their comment and comment on it. This kind of interaction encourages others to share their thoughts too.

2) Always include people in your photos

Beautiful scenery looks amazing, but including people in holiday photos will always get you more likes, comments and interaction.

3). Make your post personal and funny

People are more likely to interact with posts that seem sincere, friendly and personal. Humour is always a good route. Make someone smile and they're liable to 'like'.

4) Current Events

Relevancy is always a great idea. If you can tie your post into the news or a current internet trend, then people will want to engage with it.

5) Post on a Thursday or Friday

A recent study found that the likelihood of a Facebook user liking, sharing or commenting on a post increased by 18 per cent on Thursdays and Fridays. (ANI)


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