Sonepat villager fathers child at 96, stakes claim to be world’s oldest dad

Sonepat villager fathers child at 96, stakes claim to be world’s oldest dadSonepat (Haryana), Oct 16 : Ramajit Raghav, a landless labourer from Sonepat, Haryana, has become the proud father of a son at the age of 96, and has staked his claim as the world’s oldest man to father a child.

Raghav’s wife delivered the baby boy in Kharkhoda village in Sonepat District on October 5.

The couple had initially shot to fame in 2010 when at 94 he had fathered his first born.

Now, his wife Shakuntala Devi, in her fifties, has delivered their second son at a primary health centre in the town.

The child was born in a government hospital of the town and is stated to be in good health.

Raghav credited his long celibate life for his current vitality, saying he did not take any aphrodisiacs.

He claims to be the oldest father, saying that he remained a bachelor and practiced celibacy throughout his life until he met his wife about 10 years ago.

He termed the birth of his second son as a miracle, and an act of god.

“No, I did not take any medicine or performance enhancers. Yes, I had sex, and I just prayed to god to complete my family, either a boy or girl. My elder son’s name is Vikramajeet and the new born’s name is Ranjeet,” said Raghav.

Now, the couple has decided that Devi will undergo a tubectomy, which is a surgical procedure for permanent contraception to prevent future pregnancies in women.

His age is recorded in the Haryana government''s social welfare department as 96.

In 2007, 90-year-old Nanu Ram Jogi from Rajasthan had claimed to have been the oldest man to father a child.

Besides owning two cows, the couple avail old age pension as the sources of their livelihood. (ANI)


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