Sweden plans to cut contribution to UN

Sweden plans to cut contribution to UNStockholm, March 6 - The Swedish government plans to reduce its contribution to the UN, a media report said.

As part of its aid budget re-distribution plan, the reduced part would instead be used to increase refugee-receiving aid inside Sweden, reported Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter (DN) Tuesday.

"When refugees come to Sweden for protection the costs are deducted from our aid budget. I think it is good that they now share one account," Gunilla Carlsson, Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation, was quoted as saying by DN, reported Xinhua.

"When Sweden receive more refugees from the developing regions consequently we also increase our input to the aid," said Minister for Finance Anders Borg.

The amount of Sweden's total aid reached 11 billion Swedish kronor (about $1.7 billion) every year, of which a big part went to the UN. (IANS)


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