Three-year-old Brit girl joins Mensa with IQ `higher than Stephen Hawking`

Three-year-old Brit girl joins Mensa with IQ `higher than Stephen Hawking` London, Feb 9 : A three-year-old girl from Guildford, Surrey, who scored 162 in the Stanford Binet test, has been unveiled as the one of the youngest ever members of high IQ society Mensa.

Alice Amos' advanced intellect means she is one of the `top one per cent', with an IQ eight points higher than Carol Vorderman, and her score also matched that of Professor Stephen Hawking, who has never officially revealed his IQ, but which is gauged to be between 160 and 165, the Daily Mail reported.

The toddler, who is already bilingual- speaking both English and Russian- spends her spare time reading Aesop''s fables and other fairytales, and also enjoys singing, dancing, painting, crafts and reading, the paper said.

Mensa's newest member can name every country in the world and count to 200 at the age of 3, it added.


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