UK ‘religious education’ council calls for toning down of ‘Christian traditions’ in British schools

UK ‘religious education’ council calls for toning down of ‘Christian traditions’ in British schoolsLondon, Nov. 10 : Religious education advisors in the UK have said that schools in the country should downgrade Christian ideologies for a more "inclusive" and multi-faith approach among its students.

Officials at NASACRE (National Association of Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education) said that teachers should no longer be expected to "accord a special status to Jesus Christ" as part of traditional acts of collective worship for pupils.

The committee, which was established to determine RE (Religious Education) in communities across England, instead called for a focus on a "wide range of religious traditions" such as Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, The Telegraph reports.

However, the comments were attacked by the Church of England, the paper said.

"Given that the central figure in Christian belief and practice is Jesus Christ we would expect all schools to include in their collective worship programme stories of his life and work and impact," a CofE spokesman said.

According to the paper, the law on religious assemblies in schools that is enshrined in the 1944 Education Act states that all community schools, without a specific religious character, must have a daily act of worship that is "wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character". But NASACRE now says that this act should be scrapped.

The council said that all schools should be "inclusive, participative, challenging and educational, drawing on a wide range of religious traditions, without any danger of indoctrinating anyone or compromising the religious, or non-religious, backgrounds of pupils", the paper said. (ANI)


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