US to call Navy Seal involved in ‘Bin Laden op’ to testify against ‘Wikileaker’ Manning

US to call Navy Seal involved in ‘Bin Laden op’ to testify against ‘Wikileaker’ Manning London, Feb 27 : The US government is likely to call one of the 22 Navy Seals involved in the Osama bin Laden hunt, to give evidence at the trial of Bradley Manning over how he discovered digital material later revealed to contain WikiLeaks disclosures.

Prosecutors intend to bring to the witness, they are calling `John Doe', to testify how he entered a room in the Al-Qaeda leader''s hideout in Pakistan, grabbed three items of digital media and removed it.

Later, four separate files of information were off-loaded with WikiLeaks contents on them.

Acceding to the Guardian, the prosecution said that the testimony would be used to show that Bin Laden had actively sought access to the material Manning had passed to WikiLeaks.

That in turn would provide supporting evidence for the most serious charge against the soldier, that he had "aided the enemy," the paper said.

Ashden Fein, the lead prosecution lawyer said that the witness would be produced at an off-site location, hinting at the extraordinary security measures that would have to be taken to secure the event.

According to the paper, the court would be moved away from Fort Meade, Maryland, to an undisclosed location for the occasion. (ANI)


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