Bristol Palin, Levi planned pregnancy: Mercede Johnston

 Bristol Palin, Levi planned pregnancy: Mercede JohnstonWashington, Aug 10 : Levi Johnston's sister Mercede, who posed for Playboy, has claimed that her brother and Bristol Palin had planned to have a baby together.

Mercede, 19, who posed nude in a four-page pictorial in the September issue of Playboy, also called Bristol a "sociopath".

"Bristol's pregnancy wasn't unexpected. She and Levi planned it. They were trying to conceive for months," People magazine quoted her as telling the magazine.

She also said that Sarah Palin had used Levi as a pawn during the 2008 presidential campaign.

"She literally took Levi from a hunting trip and flew him to the Republican convention," she said of the former vice presidential candidate.

"He didn't have a choice. . She doesn't care, as long as she's going to the top. But it's screwed my whole family up. Levi was a prop, and once they didn't need him he was out the door," she stated.

Mercede said Bristol and Levi's on-again, off-again engagement was entirely fabricated to prevent her brother from speaking out against the Palins.

"The Palins only wanted them back together so they could control Levi, have him say he lied so no one would believe what he said and no one would believe Levi again," she said.

"Everyone who knows Levi knows everything he said was true and then some," she added. (ANI)

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