David Beckham's Christmas gift for Victoria Beckham – a £750 ‘toilet’ read

Victoria Beckham David BeckhamLondon, Dec 19: David Beckham has bought a Christmas gift for his wife Victoria – a “toilet” read, worth a whopping 750 pounds.

The expensive book is one of just 2,000 copies of Valentino Garavani: First Name in Fashion.

The tome features pictures from one of Posh’s favourite designers Valentino’s career.

It also includes commentary from some of the leading fashion writers.

Each copy is covered in an “elegant” cloth and comes in a clamshell box, finished in silk tinted in Valentino red.

“It will make for some good toilet reading for Victoria, ” The Sun quoted a source, as saying.

“Most people might get a puzzle or gardening book in their stocking - but Posh gets this, ” the source added. (ANI)

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