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Karl Lagerfeld's chic cat Choupette is a multi-millionaire!

Karl Lagerfeld's chic cat Choupette is a multi-millionaire!

Melbourne, Apr 2 : Chanel fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has revealed that his cat Choupette earn ed a whopping 4.2 million dollars in 2014.

The 81-year-old's blue-eyed Siamese fluff ball, who has her own Instagram account and two maids, did two jobs and made millions posing for cosmetics and car companies, News.com.au reported.

The German designer said the wealthy feline, who is like a human being hates other animals and children, is too sophisticated to work for cat food companies, preferring high-end brands.

Karl Lagerfeld justifies using fur in fashion, says butcher shop is even worse

Karl Lagerfeld justifies using fur in fashion, says butcher shop is even worse

Washington, Mar 5 : Karl Lagerfeld has defended fur usage in fashion world, saying it isn't just a lavish accessory for some consumers, it's an industry for many Americans.

The 81-year-old designer said in a candid new interview that for him, as long as people eat meat and wear leather, he doesn't get the message, adding it's very easy to say no fur, but it's an industry, E! Online reported.

Karl Lagerfeld designs USD 175,000 punch bag

Karl LagerfeldLondon: Karl Lagerfeld has designed a USD 175,000 punch bag for Louis Vuitton as part of the brand's Celebrating Monogram project.

The creative director of Chanel was commissioned by Louis Vuitton to create the luxury sports equipment for their 'Celebrating Monogram' project in honour of the brand's 118th birthday, reportedly.

Karl Lagerfeld finds exercise pointless

Karl Lagerfeld finds exercise pointlessLondon, Dec 16 : Designer Karl Lagerfeld hates to exercise and he finds it easier to stay slim by cutting fat out of his diet.

He lost oodles of weight ten years ago after switching to a strict diet of steamed vegetables and Diet Coke and had said he would not go back to being on the heavier side of the weighing scale.

"No cheese, no butter, nothing. But I'm perfectly happy with that. My chefs are great, so it tastes beautiful," he told instyle. com.

Designer Lagerfeld tells Merkel to dress to fit her figure

Designer Lagerfeld tells Merkel to dress to fit her figureBerlin, Aug 12 - German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld declared that he is ready to give fashion advice to Chancellor Angela Merkel because he feels she should dress "according to her special proportions".

"My understanding is that she doesn't want advice," the designer told the weekly Focus, where he nevertheless made fashion recommendations to the head of Germany's government.


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