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I like financial independence: Salma

I like financial independence: SalmaLondon, Oct 7 : Actress Salma Hayek, married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, loves being financially independent.

"I work hard, I make my own living and I love it. I like having financial independence. I don't ever want to have to depend on anyone completely," contactmusic. com quoted the 45-year-old as saying.

Hayek “loves” her financial independence despite hubby being billionaire

Washington, Oct 7 : Actress Salma Hayek has insisted that even though her husband is a billionaire, she still loves her financial independence.

The 45-year-old star, who is married to a French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, revealed that she does not rely on her hubby for money though she admits that she is happy to have him beside her at her time of “trouble”

Salma Hayek ditches heels for flats after ankle injury

Salma Hayek ditches heels for flats after ankle injuryLondon, Sept 29 : Hollywood actress Salma Hayek has been forced to ditch high heels for flat shoes after injuring her ankle.

The `Frida' star was seen wearing flat black pumps and sporting a thick bandage around her right foot and ankle during an appearance at a press event in Warsaw, Poland, the Daily Express reported.

But the nature of the injury and how it happened had not been made public.

Salma Hayek’s hubby opens up about ‘love child’ with Linda Evangelista

London, Sept 13 : Francois-Henri Pinault has finally broken his silence about his secret son with supermodel Linda Evangelista.

The French billionaire, married to actress Salma Hayek, insisted that four-year-old Augustin is an important member of his family since 2007.

He also said he has always `recognised' the boy as his own and that his three-year-old daughter Valentina treats him like a brother.

No plastic surgery for Hayek

No plastic surgery for HayekNew York, Aug 18 :Actress Salma Hayek says she is not in favour of plastic surgery and one should embrace the aging process naturally.

"I believe that every woman is entitled to fight to preserve her youth," Hayek told Allure magazine.

But just not through plastic surgery.

"It's like the uniform of a generation, And it's not necessarily beautiful. It's not wrinkled-looking, but it's not beautiful," she said.

Salma is proud of being a housewife

London, May 23 : Actress Salma Hayek pats herself for being a good homemaker.

"I am a housewife. I cook every night for my husband. I am most definitely a housewife. And a good one, I must say," ContactMusic quoted her as saying.

The 44-year-old actress who is married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, was initially scared of moving to Paris.

"The first thing I panicked about was moving. I got scared. I said, 'I'm not moving to Paris to be a housewife'. And he said, 'Fine, we'll be different'. It's sort of exciting to have a different kind of marriage," she said.

'Here Comes The Boom' team turns eco-friendly

London, April 23 : Movie bosses behind Salma Hayek and Kevin James' new film "Here Comes The Boom" have set down eco-friendly rules to make the shoot as green as possible.

The actors are currently filming the new comedy on location in Massachusetts, and the set has been specially designed to reduce waste.

Salma Hayek launching skin care line

 Salma Hayek launching skin care line New York, Mar 2 : Actress Salma Hayek is launching her own line of beauty and skin care products called ‘Nuance’.

The 44 year-old Mexican born beauty has confirmed ‘Nuance’, her line of glamorous goods with Mexico-based ingredients, will be hitting the chain drugstore CVS shelves next year, reports the New York Daily News.

Salma Hayek to star in new Alex de la Iglesia film

 Salma Hayek to star in new Alex de la Iglesia filmMadrid, Feb 8 - Mexican actress Salma Hayek is the star of the new film by moviemaker and president of the Film Academy of Spain, Alex de la Iglesia.

Willy Toledo, Javier Gutierrez, Jose Mota, Juan Luis Galiardo and Santiago Segura complete the cast of "La Chispa de la Vida" (The Spark of Life) to be filmed in Madrid and Cartagena, publicists Dypcomunicacion said in a press release.

Salma Hayek to bring hit musical ‘Wicked’ to the small screen

Salma Hayek to bring hit musical ‘Wicked’ to the small screenLondon, Jan 11: Salma Hayek is all set to bring the hit musical `Wicked' to the small screen in the form of a new mini series.

The massively popular Wizard Of Oz spin-off, based on Gregory Maguire''s 1995 book, `Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West', is in production all over the world, bringing in millions of pounds.

Bikini-clad Salma Hayek’s beach outing with daughter

Bikini-clad Salma Hayek’s beach outing with daughterWashington, Dec 30: Salma Hayek set the temperatures soaring when she got into the warm waters of Saint Barthelemy in a bikini.

The glamorous actress is vacationing in the French West Indies with her adorable three-year-old daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, reports Radaronline. com.

The 44-year-old Mexican-born actress showed her daughter how to brave the ocean, marching right in through the waves.

I entered US as an illegal immigrant, says Salma Hayek

I entered US as an illegal immigrant, says Salma HayekWashington, Dec 8: Salma Hayek has confessed that she entered the United States as an illegal immigrant.

The Mexican actress talks about her humble beginnings, her former undocumented immigrant status and her charity projects in an interview with V Magazine Spain, where she seductively poses for the cover titled `A Woman's Weapons'.

"I was an illegal immigrant in the United States," Fox News quoted Hayek as saying in the interview.

Salma Hayek shows off her assets during night out in LA

London, Sept 1 : Mexican actress Salma Hayek left little to the imagination when she showed off her voluptuous figure during a night out in Los Angeles.

Hayek, 43, wore a tight brown zip-up leather top, with a black skirt and brown thigh high boots, to swanky restaurant Madeo, the Daily Mail reported.

The ‘Ugly Betty’ star was seen without her tycoon husband Francois-Henri Pinault, with whom she has a daughter, Valentina, who turns three-years-old in September.

Hayek's daughter doesn't believe in Santa Claus

Los Angeles, Aug 13 - Actress Salma Hayek has revealed that her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter refuses to believe in Santa Claus.

The "Grown Ups" star, who has a daughter named Valentina, said, "No matter what I say to her, she just doesn't buy it, and she's 2½. I refuse to give it up. I say, 'There is a Santa Claus,' and she says, 'Okay, Mommy. In pretend world, right?' She really doesn’t believe. There's nothing I can say to make her believe in Santa Claus."

Hayek says she's concerned as she wants her daughter to believe in such characters.

Salma Hayek does juice cleanses to stay fit

Washington, July 24 : Mexican beauty Salma Hayek has revealed her secret to having one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood.

"I''ve been doing juice cleanses for 15 years," UsMagazine. com quoted her as saying.

And now the curvy actress has collaborated with pal and professional juicer Eric Helms to create Cooler Cleanse, a three or five-day juice detox delivery program.

"If I''ve been indulging in rich foods, a cleanse is a wonderful way to hit the reset button," said the `Grown Ups' star.

Demi Moore, Salma Hayek to star in own comedy?

New York, June 26 : Actresses Demi Moore and Salma Hayek have reportedly been heard discussing about starring in a comedy of their own.

Moore, 47, and Hayek, 43, were having dinner at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse in Midtown after the premiere of ‘Grown Ups’ when they were overheard chatting about working together.

The two attended the screening and ended up at Avenue for the club’s one-year anniversary.

“Demi was extremely friendly and joked around with the waitstaff,” the New York Post quoted a source as saying.

Salma enjoys eating bugs

Salma-HayekLondon, June 23 : Hollywood actress Salma Hayek says she enjoys eating ants, worms and grasshoppers.

The "Lonely Hearts" star says there are many delicious recipes in her native Mexico, reports

"We eat bugs and we have many recipes for some of them. Escamoles, which are the eggs of these little ants, are amazing (when) fried with a little guacamole. And there are many different recipes for worms," said Hayek.

Salma Hayek admits she eats bugs!

Salma HayekLondon, June 23 : Mexican beauty Salma Hayek has confessed that she eats bugs.

The star made an appearance at the David Letterman''s chat show where she stunned the TV host with stories of how bugs were considered a delicacy back home.

"We eat bugs - and we have many recipes for some of them," The Sun quoted Hayek as saying.

"Escamoles, which are the eggs of these little ants, are amazing fried with a little guacamole. And there are many different recipes for worms," she added.

Salma Hayek beats technophobia

Salma HayekLondon, June 9 : Hollywood actress Salma Hayek says her husband Francois-Henri Pinault helped her beat her fear of computers.

"I just learned how to use the computer last week. My husband's been begging me to learn to do it, it just makes life easier. I've been resistant to it but he tricked me," contactmusic. com quoted her as saying.

Hayek claims her now favourite 'Apple iPad' was not an easy task to learn.

Salma Hayek gives up space travel dream for daughter

Salma HayekLondon, May 15 - Hollywood actress Salma Hayek has abandoned her dream of space travel with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic team as she doesn't want to take any safety risks specially after becoming a mother.

"I love scuba diving and used to dive where the sharks were, and now no more sharks. Everything became about the baby. You are in second position, or third... My dream was to go into space. I reserved my place with the Virgin

Salma Hayek gives up space travel dream for baby

Salma HayekLondon, May 15 : Salma Hayek has abandoned her dreams of space travel with Sir Richard Branson''s Virgin Galactic team - because she''s too concerned for her safety as a mother.

The actress insists that she has stopped taking risks ever since she welcomed daughter Valentina in September 2007, with her husband, French fashion executive Francois-Henri Pinault.

Salma Hayek’s cups floweth over in skimpy Bavarian Dirndl dress!

Salma HayekLondon, Oct 7: Mexican/Lebanese actress Salma Hayek, 42, nearly had a wardrobe malfunction when the Bavarian Dirndl dress she was wearing almost slid off her shoulders.

Hayek, who made an appearance on a German TV chat show Wetten Dass, was still left with most of her boobs showing as the dress had a very low cut neckline, the Mirror reported.

Salma Hayek’s Lebanese origin turns her into a lesbian!

Salma HayekLondon, Oct 4: Hollywood actress Salma Hayek was forced to explain her ‘sexuality’ after a talk show host mistakenly asked her if she was a lesbian.

ITV talk show presenter Eamon Holmes made a gaffe while the actress was present to discuss her campaign to wipe out Tetanus, reports The Sun.

Salma Hayek leads new UNICEF campaign against tetanus

Salma HayekWashington, Oct 3 : Mexican/Lebanese actress Salma Hayek is leading a new UNICEF campaign, which aims at aiding young African mums fight tetanus.

Hayek, who is a charity worker and new mum, had on a recent fact-finding mission to West Africa come across teenagers who were making the effort to stay healthy.

The actress was so impressed by their efforts that she felt compelled to tell Americans what she had witnessed.

Tom Cruise, Salma Hayek offices face anthrax threat

Washington, Aug 9 :Tom Cruise, Salma Hayek offices face anthrax threat The building in which offices of actor Tom Cruise and actress Salma Hayek are housed has received a security threat involving anthrax.

The Los Angeles'' MGM Tower, a professional complex housing production companies, sent out a building-wide memo informing all tenants of the anonymous threat with the deadly virus.

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