Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis’ extensive art collection up for grabs

Tony Curtis’ extensive art collection up for grabsLondon, Aug 11 : An extensive art collection and other memorabilia that once belonged to the late Hollywood actor Tony Curtis will be auctioned next month in the US.

Curtis, who died at aged 85 in September 2010, had an extensive art collection that included ceramics and prints by Braque, Chagall and a set of 20th Century American, British and European paintings.

Tony Curtis ‘left his five children out of his will’

Tony-CurtisLondon, Mar 9 : Late Hollywood star Tony Curtis apparently cut his daughter Jamie Lee Curtis and four other surviving children from his will shortly before he died.

According to a copy of the will obtained by the CBS television show Inside Edition, he acknowledged the existence of his children but said he had "intentionally and with full knowledge chosen not to provide for them,” reports the Telegraph.

Tony Curtis hospitalised after asthma attack

Tony CurtisToronto, July 14 : Veteran actor Tony Curtis has been admitted to a hospital aft

Tony Curtis eager to return to limelight at 84

Tony CurtisLondon, May 15 : American actor Tony Curtis is eager to return to the acting scene to prove he''s healthy and fit.

Curtis who will turn 85 in June (10) is keen to act and has been calling all the producers to give him a part.

"I''m looking for some kind of acting job I can do. I''m in excellent shape and my spirits are high. They''d (movie producers) be getting a miracle!" the Daily Express quoted him as telling the National Enquirer.

Tony Curtis says he married Janet Leigh for fame

London, Oct 17 : Legendary actor Tony Curtis has revealed he married Hollywood actress Janet Leigh for fame and publicity.


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