is Brit kids’ most popular site is Brit kids’ most popular siteLondon, Aug 16 : Britain’s most popular website for under-12s has been set up to pass on the art of knitting clothes for dolls, according to a new survey.

The survey by the Internet analysts Nielsen Online put Stardoll. com at the head of its Top Ten sites visited by the youngest web users.

Second in the list was Club Penguin, a virtual world in which players adopt a bird and march it round the beach, theatre or school.

Stardoll. com makes money by selling items of virtual clothing for about 50p each. Club Penguin offers a subscription service.

Other sites favoured by young surfers were the online portals of the TV channels Cartoon Network and Nick, and Lego. com.

In the 12-17 age group, Frengo — a service which connects users to their social networking sites — fared the best, followed by Runescape, the online role-paying game, and Bebo, the social networking site.

The Nielsen study of 40,000 British Internet users examined which sites had the highest concentration of users of a particular age group.

The popularity of sites is difficult to measure because several sites — such as Google — are so large that they will always come out on top.

Nielsen’s tactic of measuring a percentage of a site’s audience, rather than outright numbers, in a given age group attempts to get around this problem.

The Top sites for under-12s are:

Stardoll. com: 32 per cent of audience under 12
Club Penguin: 29 per cent
Nick: 25 per cent
The Top sites for 12-17s are:
Frengo: 26 per cent
Runescape: 25 per cent
Bebo: 19 per cent (ANI)

United Kingdom: 

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