Steven Spielberg livid over his koi fish being eaten by a raccoon

Hollywood filmmaker Steven SpielbergNew York, December 27: Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg reportedly went berserk when he came to know that a raccoon had eaten up three koi fish from his pond due to the negligence of his assistant.

A source has revealed that the three beautiful fish were worth 14,000 dollars each.

"(Spielberg) had these three beautiful koi, worth about 14,000 dollars each. He put them in the pond on the lot, which is surrounded by a special gate so nothing can get to the fish. But an assistant went in to feed them, left the gate open and a raccoon ate the fish. Steven was furious - even worse, it was rumoured that the Emperor of Japan gave them to him, " the New York Post quoted the source as saying.

A representative for Spielberg has confirmed that some of the fish from the DreamWorks lot have been eaten.

However, the representative insisted that they were not the ones that came from the emperor. (ANI)

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