Whitney Houston’s secret FBI files reveal likely extortion payoff

Whitney Houston’s secret FBI files reveal likely extortion payoff Washington, Mar 5 : The FBI has released its files on a trio of investigations the agency conducted on behalf of Whitney Houston, which show an alleged attempted extortion of the singer back in 1992.

Documents included in the 128-page file about Houston detail a time when someone the star "[considered] to be a friend" threatened to go public with personal information about the singer, Fox News reported.

In one letter sent to Houston, the "friend" boasts to have already received several offers for the personal information about the singer that are "in the six figures range."

He then notes he would expect a similar offer from her if he decides not to go public with the information.

The FBI interviewed Houston about the alleged extortion, but the records from that conversation are heavily redacted.

Eventually, agents and prosecutors determined no extortion crime occurred.

The records also shed light on the FBI's investigation into a seemingly obsessive Whitney fan.

The unnamed fan sent Houston more than 79 letters, some of which are included in the file.

He also sent letters to her family, friends and business associates, according to the documents.

In one letter, the fan expresses his desire to meet Houston. "I might hurt someone with some crazy idea...," he writes.

He also threatens to take his story to The National Enquirer, in the hopes of getting the star to acknowledge him publicly.

After the investigation, agents also found no evidence of criminal threats in the fan mail. Copies of the letters were sent to the FBI in 1988 and 1999.

The Houston file covers the height of the Grammy-winning singer's popularity but does not contain any new personal details. (ANI)

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