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metal key chain Car dealerships will do well to use promotional advertising to draw more customers to them. Any business that wants to ensure that it survives in a competitive atmosphere must find ways to create visibility for itself and this goes even for car dealerships. Using engraved metal ke...
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only fun
2 members, led by rao09 - updated 4 year(s) ago
All Telugu People under one roof.I'm proud to be telugu a'nt you.
2 members, led by rao09 - updated 4 year(s) ago
All saggitarians are invited to join this group.
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The common chat is dying... A check a nod a quick prod and we cannot be more sure nobody comes nobody speaks We realize the common chat is there no more Login list we quite often explore... Friend request and friendly comments galore with hundreds of request, huge count of friends... They are a...
26 members, led by jannat89 - updated 5 year(s) ago
for me love is devin & my lover is my god & i love very very much adhirasobti i dont know her love u jaan
19 members, led by Hammad - updated 5 year(s) ago
Friendship is not an exam to pass or fail. Friendship is not a competition to win or loss. It is feeling to which YOU care for some one more than YOURSELF............
4 members, led by goldy - updated 5 year(s) ago
It is said there are Angels In Heaven above And they shine with the light Of an inner love Of these things I had not a clue But that was Before I found you For in you I?ve found A love that is so right It shines all around With the brightest of light It comes from somewhere So deep within That...
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