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Japanese football reporter travels 6000 miles to Scotland only to find match ‘postponed’

Japanese football reporter travels 6000 miles to Scotland only to find match ‘postponed’

London, Nov 27 : A football journalist from Japan spent 14 hours on a plane and nearly five on a train to cover Glasgow Rangers' match at Elgin City in Scotland, but when sports reporter Daisuke-Nakajima reached the ground, much to his chagrin, he was informed that the officials had called off the match due to safety reasons.
The journalist, who writes for Footballista magazine in Tokyo, flew more than 6,000 miles to cover Glasgow Rangers FC playing at Elgin City.
After 14 hours on a plane and nearly five on a train Nakajima reached Edinburgh, but he still had another 117 miles to go before he would be watching the action at the Borough Bridge stadium - capacity 4,520 - on the north coast.
When at last Nakajima arrived at the ground it was like a ghost town, as officials had called off the game for safety reasons since more tickets had been sold than the terraces could hold.
"It was a very tiring, wasted journey. There are a lot of fans of Scottish football in Japan and the story of Rangers is of great interest. The match at Elgin looked particularly interesting and unusual," the Daily Mirror quoted Nakajima, as saying.
"I thought that covering an away game would illustrate the kind of problems Rangers face,' he added. (ANI)

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