Hans Raj Hans popularising the soul of Sufism via music

Jalandhar, Nov.19 : Born in a Sikh family of farmers in Shafipur Village near Jalandhar, the popular singer Hans Raj Hans drew inspirations from street musicians and singers at holy shrines.

He learnt music under the stewardship of Ustad Puran Shah Koti who motivated him.

Today, Hans Raj Hans is known all over the country as a famous Sufi singer who has popularised Sufi and folk music, taking them to drawing rooms and parties in a distinguished fashion.

British Army's Kabaddi team captivates Punjabis

Jalandhar, Nov 30: The premier attraction at the recently held Mata Chanan Kaur Punjab Sports Championship at Parasrampur near Jalandhar was the British Army Kabaddi team.

The team received great ovation as they entered the ground at Parasrampur during the rural sports event which is gaining popularity every year. This year the championship entered its 21st year.

It was a bolt from the blue, when the parade of rural sportsmen, led by folk artists was joined by the British Kabaddi team.

The championship is being sponsored by Harjinder Singh Dhanoa of United Kingdom, who had made sure that it had no shortage of resources. The budget this year was around 125,000 US dollars.

Canadian lawmaker calls on Punjab to check domestic violence

Jalandhar (Punjab), Jan 7: A Canadian lawmaker has asked the Punjab Government to introduce stringent laws to prevent the abuse of married women, as many cases of this nature are reported by those who migrate to Canada.

Ruby Dhalla, the Member of Parliament for Brampton, told a Non-resident Indian (NRI) seminar held here that laws needed to be strict to prevent fraud marriages.

“From Punjab, many girls go to Canada. They face lots of problems, including abuse and violence. So, I will request the Punjab Government to look into the issue of fraudulent marriages," Dhalla said.

Many Indians migrate to Canada annually, a majority of them from Punjab.

1500 inmates set Jalandhar Central Jail afire

Punjab PoliceJalandhar, Jan. 7: Around 1500 inmates of the Jalandhar Central Jail went on a rampage here on Monday, setting the prison on fire and pelting stones on police officials.

Police had to fire several rounds of ammunition and tear gas shells to bring the situation under control. One prisoner was injured in the melee.

Police officials were tightlipped about the possible reason for the unrest.

Senior Superintendent of Police Arpit Shukla said: "Normally, the inmates are kept in separate cells, but I don't know why all of them were allowed to be together today".

International Folklore Punjabi Academy reviving bhangra

Jalandhar, Jan 16: The International Folklore Punjabi Academy organised a Bhangra Olympiad in Jalandhar recently, in an effort to keep alive the traditional dance form of Punjab.

At least 10 teams from India and abroad participated in the competition.

The competition provided young participants a platform to showcase their talent.

Participating teams from Toronto and Australia were thrilled to perform bhangra, on the land of its origin.

Bhangra originated as part of celebrations during Baisakhi, the harvest festival. Eventually, it also became a part of occasions like wedding and New Year celebrations.

Exports of hand tools suffer due to hike in steel prices

SteelJalandhar, Feb 5: Due to steep rise in steel prices, the hand tools exporters of Jalandhar fears decline in export of their products.

Perturbed over the steep rise in prices of steel and iron, the members of the Hand Tool Exporters Forum (HTEF) has requested the Central Government to take immediate steps to give relief to the Industry. Punjab has been contributing more than 90 per cent to the total export of hand tools from India.

Jalandhar, a major draw for childless non-resident Indians

 Jalandhar, a major draw for childless non-resident IndiansJalandhar, Feb. 18: For a large number of childless non-resident Indian couples, Jalandhar city in Punjab is a place where they have found the biggest joy of their lives--a child.

Many childless non-resident Indian (NRI) couples visit Jalandhar exclusively for test tube babies. The major draw to this specific city is the inexpensive medical cost in comparison to hospitals abroad.

In foreign, it costs about one to one-and-a-half million rupees whereas it costs just rupees 100,000 to 150,000 in Jalandhar hospitals.

Ayurvedic practitioners seek to be abreast of modern medicine

Jalandhar, Feb 19:Ayurvedic practitioners seek to be abreast of modern medicine Ayurveda, which is one of the oldest and most holistic medical systems, suffered a setback during Medieval and British rule in India.

But, institutions like, Dayanand Ayurvedic College in Jalandhar, have been trying to revive the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda within the parameters of modern medical science.

The herbal factory at the college provides an opportunity for students to learn old-time methods of using herbs and plants for ailments.

Jalandhar Tumbi and Tabla contributing to India’s musical legacy

Jalandhar, Feb. 27:Jalandhar Tumbi and Tabla Jalandhar is not only known for its sports equipment, leather and rubber goods, auto parts, but also as a major centre for the manufacture of traditional musical instruments.

Be it the charismatic tinkle of the Tumbi or the rhythmic beat of the Tabla, or the melodious harmonium, all are produced competently in Jalandhar.

British top cop helps schools in Punjab

Jalandhar, Feb. 29 : JalandharWhile visiting Seham Village along with his Indian friend Balbir Singh Kang, Dave Gee might have never anticipated that his next six years would be devoted to school kids.

Gee, a former top cop of Derbyshire County in England, was utterly shocked during a leisurely walk around Seham, 13 kilometers from Jalandhar, to notice the plight of students attending a government run school. It was in a pathetic state, as it lacked even the basic infrastructure.

Bakery products are hot sellers in Punjab

Jalandhar, Mar 3: Bakery products are hot sellers in PunjabThe tastes of people in Punjab are fast changing. Once crazy for traditional fried delicacies, they, particularly the younger generation, are yearning for baked food products.

A string of bakery shops have come up in Jalandhar to meet the ever-increasing demand for bakery products. Some of them boast of clients from all over Punjab.

Youngsters find bakery and confectionary products, light and snacky and a preffered way to start the day.

Traditional sweets and namkeen are integral to Punjabi festivities

Jalandhar, Mar 4 : Punjab Traditional sweets and namkeen Be it a wedding or festival, people of Punjab have a tradition of distributing sweets and namkeens (salty snack) among near and dear ones. Though these delicacies are available at many outlets, buying them from Jalandhar holds its own charm.

Many people believe savouring these local delicacies called "Bhaji" in Jalandhar double up their taste.

Hockey industry hit by national teams' debacle at Olympics

Hockey KitJalandhar, Mar 17 : Hockey sports kit manufacturers in Punjab claim that the failure of the men's hockey team to make it to the Olympics has adversely affected their already wilting business.

The hockey team's failure to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, for the first time in eight decades has left a negative impact not only on the fans and enthusiasts but also on the sports goods industry.

On March 9 India missed the bus to Beijing Olympics after losing to Britain in the qualifying round held in Chile.

Delhi Police arrest two Babbar Khalsa militants in Jalandhar

Delhi Police arrest two Babbar Khalsa militants in JalandharNew Delhi, Mar 20: Delhi Police today arrested two suspected Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) militants in Jalandhar.

According to reports, a trap was laid to nab the two militants on the basis of an intelligence tip-off.

Police said the arrested militants had made plans to eliminate some religious leaders and create unrest in Punjab.

Two foreign made pistols and live cartridges were seized from them, they added.

Sarabjit's family to visit Pakistan

Sarabjit's family to visit PakistanJalandhar, Mar 25: Dalbir Kaur, sister of Indian national Sarabjit Singh, condemned to death for his alleged involvement in four bomb blasts in 1990, today said she along with other family members would soon visit Pakistan to meet her brother and submit a fresh petition seeking clemency for him.

Gold's gym opens its franchise in Jalandhar

Jalandhar, Apr 5: After the success in Ludhiana, Gold's gym, the largest co-ed gym chain in the world has opened its franchise in Jalandhar.

Gold's gym, called "The Mecca of Bodybuilding", is the gym of preference for the amateur and the professional-athletes' besides fitness and beauty conscience entertainment industry professionals'.

"Such sports centers are essential for everyone. Gyms should be well equipped where people can come and gain fitness. As Punjabis are very fond of eating, they gobble and forget about health. Going to fitness centers is the best way to fight many of the diseases," said Harbhajan Singh, Indian off spinner.

Pakistan wrestlers participate in sub-junior National Wrestling Championships in Jalandhar

Sub-junior National Wrestling ChampionshipsJalandhar, Apr 12 : Pakistani wrestlers grappled with their Indian counterparts in the sub-junior National Wrestling Championship, which got underway here on April 11.

The Pakistani participants were overwhelmed by the Indian hospitality.

“We received such a warm welcome when we arrived. We are enjoying being part of the wrestling championships. Wrestling in Pakistan has decreased considerably as compared to India,” said Shah Mehmood, a Pakistani wrestler.

Gadar Party’s 96th Raising Day to be celebrated in Jalandhar today

Gadar Party’s 96th Raising Day to be celebrated in Jalandhar todayJalandhar, Apr 13 : Ghadar Party’s 96th Raising Day will be celebrated in Jalandhar today.

The Desh Bhagat Yadgar Committe would launch five-year long celebrations to mark the centenary of the party founded in the United States under the name of ' Hindi Association of Pacific Coast'.

Later, it came to be known as Ghadar party because of its revolutionary way of working for freedom of the Nation. (ANI)

Jalandhar numismatist flaunts his enticing coin collection

Jalandhar, May 27 : An enthusiastic amateur numismatist in Jalandhar claims to have a collection of about 650 coins, including those dating back to Mughal Era.

Malkit Singh acquired this passion after he seeing his parents worshipping coins during Diwali. He has been collecting these coins for 18 years now.

His kitty contains coins from diverse regions and eras. About 30 percent of the collection is foreign currency.

"I have coins from the times dating back to era of Babur (the founder of Mughal dynasty, 1526 AD), apart from good collection of foreign currencies. Besides, I have a lot of Indian coins from various eras as well. My collection would be of minimum 650 coins," Singh added.

Daler Mehndi, the popular Punjabi singer from Bihar!

Jalandhar, June 7 : Born and brought up in Bihar’s Patna city, Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi was barely six-year-old when his parents first introduced him to classical Ragas and Shabad from the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikhs’ religious book.

With passage of time, Daler got inclined towards pop music. The basic training in classical Ragas proved a great help to add distinction to his singing style. No wonder his first pop music video album “Bolo Tara Ra Ra” was a hit and created sales record for a Punjabi album.

Today, leading an illustrious career as a composer-cum-playback singer for many Bollywood films, Daler Mehndi’s success is an inspiration for everyone.

Strong laws needed to fight terror: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul GandhiJalandhar, Sept 24 : Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said the country needed stronger laws to fight terrorism, but dismissed suggestions for bringing back POTA, saying it was a failed law.

On the final day of his three-day tour to Punjab, the Amethi MP told reporters here that fighting terror was more about having a strong political will than having tough laws like POTA.

“And our Prime Minister has that political will,” he added.

He pointed out that the terror attack on Parliament (December 2001) and the Kandahar hijack (December 1999) happened when POTA was in operation.

Jalandhar’s Universal Sports Industry makes a mark in sports goods

Punjab, SportsJalandhar, Oct 6 : India''''s best ever performance at the Beijing Olympics has sparked off a tremendous growth in the sports industry. Jalandhar, the traditional hub of sports goods manufacturing, is now looking at increasing its share in the domestic and foreign market. One of the progressive units going through a transformation is the Universal Sports Industry.

Jalandhar occupies a prominent place in the burgeoning sports goods industry in India. And, India''''s impressive performance in the Beijing Olympics has led to a boom in the Jalandhar sports industry.

Canadian education fair woos Punjabi students

Canada FlagJalandhar, Oct 13 : Educational institutions in Punjab are in the process of becoming truly global by providing students the option of studying abroad.

Over 1,000 students of Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar have come together to interact with the Canadian university representatives that include Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and Thompson Rivers University.

The delegates highlight differences in teaching methodology adopted by the Canadian education system.

Red Ribbon Express spreading AIDS awareness reaches Jalandhar

Red Ribbon ExpressJalandhar, Nov 2 : The Red Ribbon Express, spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS, has reach Jalandhar.

The exhibition train will remain open for people for their viewing at Jalandhar station on Sunday, according to reports.

The train comprises of seven coaches, which is equipped with educational material (primarily on HIV/AIDS), interactive touch screens, an LCSD projector and platform for folk performances and counseling cabins for providing counseling.

The express was flagged-off from New Delhi on December 1, AIDS Day, last year.

Till date, it has covered 22 states.

ABVP launches a movement against Bangladeshi immigrants

ABVP launches a movement against Bangladeshi immigrantsJalandhar (Punjab), Nov 12 : Activists of, a students wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) launching its nationwide movement against the Bangladeshi immigrants called for a shutdown of colleges in Jalandhar In Punjab on Wednesday.

The activists, in an attempt to garner the support of the students, urged schools and colleges in Jalandhar to shutdown.

North-Indian sports industry feels the heat of global recession

PunjabJalandhar (Punjab), Nov 22 : Sports industry of Jalandhar in Punjab, which has a turnover of around 20 billion rupees, is reeling under the intense heat of global recession.

The industry, which is into manufacturing sports accessories of games like cricket, hockey, football and volleyball, started in late 40''s of the 20th century and has nearly
1000 units with almost 50,000 workers involved directly or indirectly.

Forty per cent of the produce is exported while the rest is sold in the domestic markets.

Indi-pop singer Mika

Jalandhar, Dec. 12 :Indi-pop singer Mika was at his best when he performed at the Bagpiper Mauja hi Mauja concert in Jalandhar.

With Mika churning out his best numbers one after another, the crowd went mad. Children, teenagers along with not so young couples, all were seen dancing, shaking legs to the songs.

Demand of `once more' arose from the crowd at regular intervals and Mika obliged. Super hit song such as Mauja hi Mauja, Aye Ganpat, Sawan mein lag gayi aag, you name them and the ever energetic Mika had those ready.

But with all fun and entertainment to offer, Mika didn't forget to pay homage to people who lost their lives in the recent Mumbai attack.

Dog races a major attraction for non-resident Indians in Punjab

Dog RaceNurpur (Jalandhar), Dec. 25 : Thousands of sports lovers converged here for two days to watch dog races at Nurpur village that have become a major draw for people from far off places of Punjab and abroad for four years here.

The special attraction of these dog races were the participation by different varieties of dogs, especially brought here by the non-resident Indians from abroad. It was fourth edition of the dog races this time.

Organised on Wednesday and Thursday, the dog race saw 106 dogs vying for the first place. About 60 per cent of them were flown here by their owners spending a whopping sum of rupees 40,000 for each dog.

Singer Hans Raj Hans to contest LS polls from Jalandhar on a SAD ticket

Singer Hans Raj Hans to contest LS polls from Jalandhar on a SAD ticketJalandhar, Apr 27: Punjabi sufi singer Hans Raj Hans will contest the general elections from the Jalandhar parliamentary constituency on a Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) ticket.

Hans Raj Hans, who has received the Padma Shri award, said he wants to work for the poor.

Advani slams UPA govt. policy on Nepal, Sri Lanka

Advani slams UPA govt. policy on Nepal, Sri LankaKolkata/Jalandhar, May 9 : Senior Bharatiya Janata (BJP) leader LK Advani has pulled the incumbent UPA government up over its polices towards Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Terming the United Progressive Alliance as opportunist, Advani came down heavily on current Indian foreign policy initiatives.

"The problem, which arose due to the wrong foreign policy of this opportunist government in Nepal. The same thing has been repeated in Sri Lanka. Just go and see how Tamils in Tamil Nadu are aggrieved by this," he said at a public rally in Kolkata on Friday.

Puran Shah Koti, the legendry guru of many Punjabi singers

Puran Shah Koti, the legendry guru of many Punjabi singersJalandhar, May 18: Having dedicated his life to popularize Sufi music, Ustad Puran Shah Koti is today held in deep respect by some of the best known names of the Punjabi music world.

Ustad Koti holds the distinction of having trained some of the popular Punjabi singers including Han Raj Hans, Jasbir Jassi and Master Salim.

Four killed as school van collides with train in Punjab

Four killed as school van collides with train in PunjabJalandhar, May 20 : At least four people have been killed, including three school children, and several others injured when a school van collided with the Ferozepur-Bathinda Express at a railway crossing at Gumtala village in Jalandhar on Wednesday morning.

According to police, three students and the driver of the van were killed on the spot.

Injured are undergoing treatment at the near by hospitals where the condition of some of them was stated to be critical.

Protest against religious ceremony of Dera Sacha Sauda sect in Jalandhar

JProtest against religious ceremony of Dera Sacha Sauda sect in Jalandharalandhar, June 1 : Members of the Sikh community staged a mass protest against a congregation of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect here on Sunday.

Trouble began when a follower of Dera Sacha Sauda sect, which combines social work with spirituality, organised special prayers function for their Dera chief.

As the news of this prayer congregation spread, hundreds of Sikhs from various organisations reached the venue and forcibly stopped the ceremony.

International drug racket busted in Ludhiana

International drug racket busted in LudhianaJalandhar, June 6 : Police claimed to have busted an international drug racket with the arrest of three persons in Ludhiana.

Police recovered heroin worth 200 million rupees, a revolver, 6 live cartridges and nine lakhs of rupees from their possession.

Addressing reporters here, Jaskaran Singh, additional intelligence general, counterintelligence cell, said an attempt was on to mount large-scale smuggling of heroin.

Three test positive for swine flu; total reaches 20

Bangalore/Jalandhar, June 14 : A 29-year-old woman and her three-year-old child from Bangalore and a teenager from Jalandhar tested positive for H1N1 virus on Sunday, taking the overall swine flu cases in the country to 20.

The mother-child duo had arrived at the Bangaluru airport from New Jersey on 12th June, they were quarantined at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases in Bangalore after having tested positive for swine flu, Director of Health and Family Welfare Services Usha Vasunkar said.

In the second case in Jalandhar, a student of Guru Amar Dass Public School has tested positive for swine flu and has been admitted to hospital in New Delhi, Civil Surgeon Dr S S Wali said.

‘Ustad Kale Ram’, an unheard of achiever

‘Ustad Kale Ram’, an unheard of achieverJalandhar (Punjab), Aug 22 : Ustad Kale Ram, a great exponent of tabla from the Punjab Gharana, a style and technique of tabla playing that originated in Punjab, has brought laurels to the country through his performances across the world, though has lived a life without being in the limelight.

Ustad Kale Ram was fascinated with the sound and rhythm of the tabla at a very young age and became passionate about exploring new medium through the musical instrument.

Heroin worth Rs.25 crore seized, two held in Punjab

Heroin worth Rs.25 crore seized, two held in PunjabJalandhar (Punjab), Oct 28 : Two people were arrested and at least 5 kg of heroin, worth Rs. 25 crore in the international market, was seized from them in this Punjab city, police said Wednesday.

District police chief P. K. Jaiswar said the drugs consignment was recovered from a car at a checkpost on Ladowali Road here.

The police official said that further investigations and interrogation of those arrested were being done to nail people to whom the consignment was to be delivered.

Heroin worth Rs.25 crore seized, two held in Punjab

Heroin worth Rs.25 crore seized, two held in PunjabJalandhar (Punjab), Oct 28 Two people were arrested and at least 5 kg of heroin, worth Rs. 25 crore in the international market, was seized from them in this Punjab city, police said Wednesday.

District police chief P. K. Jaiswar said the drugs consignment was recovered from a car at a checkpost on Ladowali Road here.

The police official said that further investigations and interrogation of those arrested were being done to nail people to whom the consignment was to be delivered.

'The Great Khali' to fight Punjab police - outside the ring

'The Great Khali' to fight Punjab police - outside the ringJalandhar, Nov 20 - This is one fight where former World Wide Entertainment (WWE) champion "The Great Khali" has nearly lost round one without making any move -- but he is resolved to continue the battle and eventually hopes to emerge victorious.

Khali, whose real name is Dalip Singh Rana and is an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) in the Punjab police, has been suspended and a departmental inquiry has been launched against him for remaining "absent" from duty without sanctioned leave, police officials said here Friday.

Will punish cops for atrocities when in power, promises Amarinder

Will punish cops for atrocities when in power, promises AmarinderJalandhar, Nov 30 : Former Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh Monday said that the Congress, when it comes back to power, will take "strict action" against the police officers found guilty of atrocities against the public, including Congress party workers, at the behest of the Akali Dal government.

Army probes Jalandhar blast

Army probes Jalandhar blastJalandhar, Dec 3 - Army authorities Wednesday launched an investigation into Tuesday evening's blast in an army truck that left four soldiers dead in Jalandhar cantonment in Punjab.

Army officials claimed the soldiers were killed when the battery of an under maintenance five-tonne truck exploded at the motor transport section of an artillery unit of the 11 Corps stationed here.

The soldiers were from the 20 SATA battery of the army artillery based here. The area was cordoned off soon after the blast.

Vehicle battery blast kills four Army personnel in Jalandhar

Vehicle battery blast kills four Army personnel in JalandharJalandhar, Dec 2 : Four Indian Army soldiers were killed last night when battery of an army vehicle, which they were recharging, exploded in the Motor Transport (MT) Section unit in the Jalandhar Cantonment area.

The explosion took place at around 9.15 p. m. when these MT personnel were working.

The victims have been identified as Havildar (Sergeant) T S Bhaskar, Naik (Corporal) Lalit Kumar, Lance Naik (Lance Corporal) J Topo, and driver JS Rai.

Commonwealth Wrestling Championship kick-starts in Jalandhar

Commonwealth Wrestling Championship kick-starts in JalandharJalandhar, Dec 19 : The three-day Commonwealth Wrestling Championship tournament began in Jalandhar on Friday (December 18).

The championship is being organised by the Wrestling Federation of India and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in a joint venture.

The tournament will be held during December 18-20.

Kotla pitch was unfit for ODI: Harbhajan

Kotla pitch was unfit for ODI: HarbhajanJalandhar, Dec 30 : Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh said on Wednesday that the International Cricket Council''s (ICC) classification of Ferozshah Kotla pitch in Delhi as unfit was a right decision.

Interacting with the media Singh said: "The wicket was unfit that day. Batsmen were having a tough time. The bounce was uneven and chances of grave injuries were strong. The injuries could also have led to player being unfit to play for next 3-4 months. Considering the way the wicket behaved and what happened to players, the decision of ICC, it was a right decision."

Metaphetamine worth Rs.90 crore seized in Punjab

Metaphetamine worth Rs.90 crore seized in PunjabJalandhar, Jan 1 : In one of the biggest seizures of its kind in Punjab, the counter intelligence wing of the Punjab police seized nearly 18 kg of synthetic intoxicant Metaphetamine, worth nearly Rs. 90 crore in the international market.

Police officials said that three people, two from Ludhiana and one from Delhi, were arrested with the drugs consignment.

The police also recovered a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV and a Honda City car from their possession. A revolver was also seized, police officials told reporters here.

Counter Intelligence Branch seize drugs worth 900 million rupees at Jalandhar

Counter Intelligence Branch seize drugs worth 900 million rupees at JalandharJalandhar, Jan 2 : The Counter Intelligence Branch of Punjab Police seized around 18 kilograms of methamphetamine in Jalandhar here on Friday.

Sources claimed the seized drugs are worth 900 million rupees in the international market.

Three persons identified as Narinder Kumar, Pankaj and Sanjeev have been arrested and the police has also impounded the two cars that they had used to transport the narcotics.

Electronics shop burgled in Jalandhar

Electronics shop burgled in JalandharJalandhar, Jan 5 : Robbers struck at a Samsung electronics showroom in this Punjab city Tuesday morning and decamped with laptops, LCD screens and goods worth Rs. 30 lakh, police said.

The employees of the showroom at Namdev Chowk here found the locks of the shop broken, when they came to open it in the morning, a police official said.

"Some unidentified robbers have struck at the Samsung showroom here. According to the showroom owner, they made off with laptops, LCD screens and various other accessories worth over Rs. 30 lakh," the official said.


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