Are Guy Ritchie, Madonna Seeking Divorce?

The rumors of a possible splitAre Guy Ritchie, Madonna Seeking Divorce? between Madonna and Guy Ritchie are being denied by his mother, Lady Amber Leighton. “I spoke to Guy this morning there’s no conversation about divorce because there is no divorce. They are not getting divorced; the speculation is TT — that’s total tosh,” said Leighton on Friday.

 Rumors of an impending divorce have flown about fueled by sight of a ringless Ritchie seen boarding a flight to New York on Monday according to US Weekly. A ringless Madonna was also seen attending Sabbath services at the Kabbalah Centre in New York City.

According to reports, Madonna has been meeting with lawyer Fiona Schackleton, who represented Sir Paul McCartney during his divorce from Heather Mills. Forsters, a lesser known Mayfair law firm is said to be representing Ritchie.

According to US Weekly, Madonna when questioned about the speculated divorce ignored the questions on the subject.