Bill Clinton’s Ex-Gals Talk About His “Private Parts” In Pay-Per-View Video On Internet

Just a week after Todd Purdum, in a Vanity Fair article, revealed Bill Bill Clinton’s Ex-Gals Talk About His “Private Parts” In Pay-Per-View Video On InternetClinton’s relationships with Hollywood actress Gina Gershon, two of Billy’s ex-gal friends, Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones have come up with a new pay-per-view video on the internet, in which they talk about the infamous White House intern Monica Lewinsky and the size of Billy’s manhood!

For $1.99, the viewers of can see and hear Bill Clinton’s two former gal pals confiding that Lewinsky said she was dumping the Democratic Party because it “left a bad taste in her mouth.

"She (Lewinsky) said they left a bad taste in her mouth," Flowers quips.
Dubbed as "Two Chicks Chatting," the seven-video package also shows Flowers and Jones talking about the former US President’s private parts.

For another $1.99, the former state office worker offers a graphic description of Clinton's "penis," using her pinky to illustrate the point. About the size of Clinton’s manhood, Jones says his "little soldier" was only as big as her little finger – something with which Flowers, a nightclub singer who had an affair with Clinton, agrees wholeheartedly with Jones about the size of the former president.

Jones also recounts the time when Bill Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, supposedly propositioned her in a Little Rock hotel room. She says she was summoned to a room in the Excelsior hotel in Arkansas, in May 1991, when Clinton was governor and inappropriately approached by him. "I was excited to meet the governor, but I had no idea what he was going to do to me," says Jones.

The two Arkansas gals also give two big thumbs down to his wife Hillary's failed bid for the White House. "How can anyone who can't control her husband control our country?" asks Jones. The two women also admit that they support Republicans.

Flowers, who announced this year that she was going to put up for auction the tapes of phone conversations she secretly recorded with Clinton, and Jones are charging up to $13.93 (£7) to let people hear the seven clips of them communing over such seminal political issues as the size and shape of the presidential penis.

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