White House accidentally leaks CIA Kabul station chief's identity

White House accidentally leaks CIA Kabul station chief's identityWashington, May 26 - The identity of a top CIA officer in Kabul was mistakenly leaked by the White House during US president Barack Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan.

According to the Washington Times, the name of the spy agency's station chief in Kabul was included on a list provided to news organizations of senior US officials participating in Obama's visit with US troops.

The list was first sent by the White House to reporters travelling to Afghanistan with Obama, followed by a pool report that was distributed among the US and foreign media organizations.

Pope Francis invites Israeli, Palestinian leaders to Vatican for peace talks

Pope FrancisWashington, May 26 - Pope Francis has invited Israeli and Palestinian leaders to the Vatican for a 'peace initiative'.

Pope extended the invitation after earlier calling for a two-state solution to the intractable conflict.

According to CNN, the pontiff's remarks came at the end of an outdoor Mass in Bethlehem's Manger Square on the second day of his three-day trip to the Middle East.

Francis said that he was inviting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas along with Israeli President Shimon Peres to the Vatican for peace talks.

British Army Gurkhas refuse to fight alongside women recruits

British Army Gurkhas refuse to fight alongside women recruitsWashington, May 25 : Gurkha soldiers, serving the British Army, have reportedly warned army chiefs against recruiting women to fight among the ranks of the brigade.

According to Daily Star, Nepalese women can already join the British Army but they cannot serve with the Gurkhas who say the presence of females in the regiment would destroy the comradeship.

The opposition came to light after British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond speeded up a review into whether women should be given combat roles.

G.I. Joe's developer Donald Levine dies at 86

G.I. Joe's developer Donald Levine dies at 86Washington, May 25 : The father of world's first action figure G. I. Joe, Donald Levine, has passed away. He was 86.

According to his wife, Levine, who was battling cancer, took his last breath at the Home and Hospice Care of Rhode Island, Fox News reported.

They were about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, she added.

Levine, who had served in the Army had admitted to have came up with the idea of '111/2-inch articulated figure with 21 moving parts' as a way to honor veterans, and had developed the toy with his team as Hasbro's head of research and development.

US curtails military ties with Thailand after coup

JOHN KIRBYWashington, May 25 - The US announced Saturday that it would curtail military ties with Thailand, including cancelling ongoing military exercises, as part of its efforts to heighten pressure on the Thai military to restore the civilian rule.

In response to the military coup in the Southeast Asian county, Washington has cancelled the ongoing Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training 2014 and rescinded an invitation to Royal Thai Armed Forces Commander General Thanasak Patimaprakorn to visit US Pacific Command in June, Xinhua quoted Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby as saying in a statement.

California campus gunman killed 3 people at home before shooting rampage

California campus gunman killed 3 people at home before shooting rampageWashington, May 25 : A California gunman stabbed three people to death at his home before going on a shooting rampage near a Santa Barbara university that left an additional four dead, including the suspect.

During a press conference, police identified the 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, the son of Hollywood director Peter Rodger-an assistant director on 'The Hunger Games' films series.

According to Fox News, Rodger had earlier been identified by his family, who said they had called police weeks before about disturbing YouTube videos he had posted online.

Jackie Kennedy's 'personal' letters to priest withdrawn from auction

Jackie Kennedy's 'personal' letters to priest withdrawn from auctionWashington, May 24 - Jacqueline Kennedy's letters to an Irish priest about her marriage, faith and the 1963 death of her husband John F Kennedy would no longer be auction, it has been revealed.

Sheppard's Irish Auction House said on their website that they were in the process of returning the archive and items related to the archive to the vendor, CNN. com reported.

The letters to the Rev. Joseph Leonard from a young Jacqueline Bouvier and later a married Jackie offers an insight into the private thoughts of Jackie.

Skewed US budget to impact high-energy physics research?

Skewed US budget to impact high-energy physics research?Washington, May 23 : Fearing a cut in the domestic high-energy physics budget, scientists in the US have drawn up a plan to seek more international collaboration.

President Barack Obama’s budget request for 2015 proposed a 6.8 percent cut to the Department of Energy’s high-energy physics budget, down to $744 million (Rs. 4,352 crore).

“Under a low-funding regime, the US risks losing its status as a global leader in the high-energy physics,” predicted scientists in a latest report released by the Particle Physics Project Prioritisation Panel (P5), part of the US Department of Energy’s high-energy physics advisory group.

Top 10 new species of 2014 revealed

Washington, May 23 : Scientists have selected the top 10 new species from approximately 18,000 new species named during the previous year.

According to the researchers of SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry's (ESF) International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE), the list includes a quartet of tiny newcomers to science: a miniscule skeleton shrimp from Santa Catalina Island in California, a single-celled protist that does a credible imitation of a sponge, a clean room microbe that could be a hazard during space travel and a teensy fringed fairyfly named Tinkerbell.

Edward Snowden threw 'crypto party' before blowing NSA whistle

Edward Snowden threw 'crypto party' before blowing NSA whistleWashington, May 23 : Whistleblower Edward Snowden used to teach crypto's about online privacy while he was working for the NSA.

Kevin Poulsen, a former black-hat hacker, wrote that Snowden organized a 'crypto party' along with activist Asher Wolf and Runa Sandvik, former developer for web network called Tor, the Verge reported.

Asher Wolf added that it was a huge risk for him to teach a 'crypto party' while he was working for the NSA.

However, neither of them had any suspicion about who Snowden was or his plans to expose the NSA material. (ANI)

Ex NYT editor Jill Abramson may have been fired for hiring too many women

Ex NYT editor Jill Abramson may have been fired for hiring too many womenNew York, May 23: Jill Abramson may have been fired partly because she was systematically getting rid of male editors and replacing them with women.

According to the New York Post, when the 60-year-old author held the post of executive editor of The New York Times in August 2011, only one of the eight newsroom masthead editor jobs was held by a woman.

By January the number increased to four out of nine jobs, which further rose to five by the time she was fired recently, the report said.

American Sikh Congressional Caucus strengthened with two more co-chairs

American Sikh Congressional Caucus strengthened with two more co-chairsWashington, May 23 - The bipartisan American Sikh Congressional Caucus has announced the appointment of Congressman John Garamendi and Patrick Meehan as additional co-chairs of the caucus.

They will serve as leaders of the caucus with the current co-chairs Congresswoman Judy Chu and Congressman David Valadao.

The selection of Garamendi and Meehan was made official through a letter to the House Committee on Administration.

Garamendi has worked with the California Sikh community for decades. His Congressional District is home to tens of thousands of Sikhs and many Sikh run farms.

Twitterati Pope Francis refuses to join Facebook

Twitterati Pope Francis refuses to join Facebook Washington, May 23 - Pope Francis has refused to join Facebook and has decided to stick with Twitter.

According to Quartz, Facebook officials had visited the Vatican to encourage the Pope to join the social-networking site but the archbishop in charge of social media for the Vatican, Claudio Maria Celli revealed that the current head of the Catholic Church has declined because there are too many opportunities for critics to post profane comments, CBS News reported.

The Pope had joined Twitter as @Pontifex, where Vatican officials tweet at least once daily in nine languages, and has 4 million followers. (ANI)

When diamonds are not a girl's best friend!

New York, May 23 - Don't buy this piece of diamond for your beloved as it has a tendency to disappear!

You read it right.

According to scientist from Rice University, some microscopic diamonds only last seconds before fading back into less-structured forms of carbon under the impact of an electron beam.

“The most 'nano' of the nanodiamonds were seen to fade away under the power of the electron beam in a succession of images taken over 30 seconds,” said Ed Billups from Rice University.

Billups and Yanqiu Sun, a former post-doctoral researcher in his lab, witnessed the interesting effect while working on ways to chemically reduce carbon from anthracite coal and make it soluble.

South Florida varsity honours TERI's Pachauri

South Florida varsity honours TERI's PachauriWashington, May 23 - The University of South Florida's Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) has awarded its first Eminent Global Scholar in Sustainability Award to Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Pachauri, who has served as the IPCC chair since 2002, was given the award in recognition of his extraordinary ccomplishments in advancing the science and understanding of climate change and international policy, in Tampa, Florida.

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