Dalai Lama

Ignoring China's objections, Obama to meet Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama Washington, Feb 13 : Refusing to bow to demands from Beijing, the White House has reiterated that President Barack Obama will meet the Dalai Lama next Thursday as scheduled.

"I do not know if their specific reaction was to cancel it," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters Friday when asked about China's warning that the encounter would damage already strained Sino-US relations.

"If that was their specific reaction, the meeting will take place as planned next Thursday."

Gibbs had announced Thursday that Obama would hold his long-awaited meeting with the Tibetan spiritual leader next week in the White House Map Room instead of the Oval Office.

White House confirms Dalai Lama meeting with Obama

White House confirms Dalai Lama meeting with ObamaWashington, Feb 12 - US President Barack Obama will meet Tibetan spritual leader Dalai Lama Feb 18 at the White House in a move that will surely antagonise China.

Obama had postponed a meeting with the international figurehead for China-controlled Tibet last autumn, not wanting to upset relations ahead of a visit to Beijing.

But the plans are back on the agenda.

"The Dalai Lama is an internationally respected religious leader and spokesman for Tibetan rights, and the president looks forward to an engaging and constructive dialogue," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday.

China Sounds Livid Over McCain-Dalai Lama Meeting

China Sounds Livid Over McCain-Dalai Lama MeetingChina has warned US presidential candidate John McCain on Monday to stop “supporting and conniving with” the Dalai Lama saying Americans should realize that the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader can prove to be a threat to Sino-US relations.

The call came after the 45 minute meeting between McCain and the Dalai Lama, on Friday, in Colorado. McCain also praised Dalai Lama calling him a “transcendent international role model and hero”.

Dalai Lama Sets Off 5-Day Conference On Compassion In Seattle

dalai lamaSeattle: It was on Monday the Dalai Lama, who is on a five-day conference on compassion in Seattle, came out to address a crowd of 14,400 school-age children in central Seattle. Wearing a traditional cinnamon-hued robe and brown walking shoes, the Dalai Lama was welcomed by thousands of cheering Washington state school children, who chanted peace slogans and clasped hands over hearts to lively drumbeats.

Olympic Flame Illumes San Francisco; Gere Calls On Protesters To Stay Nonviolent

richard_gereSan Francisco: The city of Golden Gate welcomed the Olympic flame — ensconced in a handsome brass lantern and accompanied by several backup flames – with a great fervor. The Olympic torch arrived at the San Francisco airport from Paris in the wee hours Tuesday morning.


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