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People scan internet for health early in week: Study

People scan internet for health early in week: StudyNew York, April 19 - Do you scan internet looking for topics on how to improve your health early in the week and switch to lifestyle and soft searches on weekends? A fascinating research says so.

On average, searches for health topics were 30 percent more frequent at the beginning of the week than on days later in the week, with the lowest average number of searches on Saturday, it added.

The researchers analysed weekly patterns in health-related Google searches and revealed a recurring pattern that could be leveraged to improve public health strategies.

Waste sulphur to produce cheap infra-red devices

New York, April 18 - In a major breakthrough, scientists have found that waste sulphur can be transformed into cheap plastic lenses for infra-red devices, including night-vision goggles.

“We have, for the first time, a polymer material that can be used for quality thermal imaging - and that is a big deal. The industry has aspired this for decades,” said Jeffrey Pyun whose lab at University of Arizona (UA) developed the plastic.

The team successfully took thermal images of a person through a piece of the new plastic.

By contrast, taking a picture taken through the plastic often used for ordinary lenses does not show a person's body heat.

NASA discovers first earth-sized planet in habitable zone

NASA discovers first earth-sized planet in habitable zoneNew York, April 18 - In search for life on other planets, NASA astronomers have detected an earth-like planet orbiting the habitable zone of a cool star.

Using the planet-hunting NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, researchers identified the planet as Kepler-186f that is 1.11 times the radius of the earth.

“The discovery of Kepler-186f is a significant step toward finding worlds like our planet earth,” said Paul Hertz, NASA's astrophysics division director at the agency's headquarters in Washington, DC.

Rajat Gupta starts prison term June 17

Rajat Gupta starts prison term June 17New York, April 18 - Rajat Gupta, India-born former director of Goldman Sachs Group, convicted in 2012 for insider trading, has agreed to surrender to prison authorities on June 17 to begin a two-year sentence.

US District Judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan directed Gupta, 65, who lost a bid for a new trial last month, to surrender by 2:00 p. m. on that date.

In an order made public Thursday Rakoff said that Gupta and prosecutors consented to the surrender date.

Human rights groups ask Nepal to reject draft TRC Bill

Human rights groups ask Nepal to reject draft TRC BillNew York, Apr. 17, : Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the International Commission of Jurists on Thursday said that Nepali legislators should reject problematic provisions of the proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) bill introduced in parliament on April 9 of this year.

Despite a January 2 directive from the Nepali Supreme Court that the law must meet international legal standards, the bill contains provisions for amnesty that violate international law.

Google Glass to assist surgeons soon

Google Glass to assist surgeons soonNew York, April 17 : The eyewear device Google Glass can be a useful tool in surgical settings, a promising research reveals.

In a research at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital of Westchester Medical Center in New York, an attending surgeon wore Google Glass daily for four consecutive weeks.

A daily log was kept and activities with a potential applicability were identified.

After 24, cognitive motor skills begin to fall

New York, April 15 - If you are 24, you have already reached your peak in terms of your cognitive motor performance, a study reveals.

In one of the first social science experiments to rest on big data, the researchers investigated when we start to experience an age-related decline in our cognitive motor skills and how we compensate for that.

“After around 24 years of age, players show slowing in a measure of cognitive speed that is known to be important for performance. This cognitive performance decline is present even at higher levels of skill,” explained Joe Thompson, a psychology doctoral student at Simon Fraser University in Canada.

The researchers analysed the digital performance records of 3,305 StarCraft 2 players, aged 16 to 44.

Lashing out at wife? Check your glucose level

Lashing out at wife? Check your glucose levelNew York, April 15 - Do you often lash out at your spouse? Go get your blood sugar checked as lower glucose levels may make couple go 'hangry' and even more likely to lash out aggressively.

“The study shows how one simple, often overlooked factor - hunger caused by low levels of blood glucose - may play a role in marital arguments, confrontations and possibly even some domestic violence,” said Brad Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology at the Ohio State University.

People can relate to this idea that when they get hungry, they get cranky. It even has a slang term: “hangry” (hungry + angry), Bushman explained.

Jewish centre 'killer' yelled 'heil Hitler' as he shot dead victims in Kansas

Jewish centre 'killer' yelled 'heil Hitler' as he shot dead victims in KansasNew York, Apr 14 - A 73 year old gun man, who reportedly killed three people at Jewish-related locations in the Kansas City area, yelled 'heil Hiltler!'as he opened fire on his victims, the police said.

The man, identified as Frazier Glenn opened fire with a shotgun outside the community center, killing two people, after which, he then drove to a nearby Jewish senior living facility and shot an elderly woman, New York Daily reported.

Cross was later arrested 11 miles south of Kansas City.

Meet the 'sperminator' who has fathered at least 99 children

Meet the 'sperminator' who has fathered at least 99 childrenNew York, Apr 14 : A man from Dutch town of Maastricht, who works as a tour guide on weekdays, is reportedly Europe's most prolific sperm donor and has fathered almost 99 children.

Ed Houben said that he has fathered 99 children in Australia, Israel, Canada, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy, England but added that there are other possible - women whom he had sex with but never heard from again, the New York Post reported.

Beware! Sexual narcissist men are likely cheaters

Beware! Sexual narcissist men are likely cheatersNew York, April 14 - Are you dating a narcissist who carries an unrealistic sense of possessing sexual skills to satisfy anyone in bed? Be alarmed that such a person is more likely to cheat on you.

Research suggests that sexual narcissism could be a potential sign that a person is more likely to be unfaithful.

“People with higher levels of sexual narcissism were more likely to cheat on their partners than participants with lower levels,” said lead researcher James K. McNulty from Florida State University.

“The spouses who were more confident about their sexual skill were more likely to commit an infidelity,” co-author Laura Widman explained.

Coming, glasses as strong as steel

Coming, glasses as strong as steelNew York, April 14 - Imagine glasses that are strong as steel and can be used for producing hard, durable and seamless complex shapes that no other metal processing method can.

Scientists at Yale University have devised a dramatically faster way of identifying and characterising complex alloys known as bulk metallic glasses (BMGs), a versatile type of pliable glass that is stronger than steel.

Using traditional methods, it usually takes a full day to identify a single metal alloy appropriate for making BMGs.

Indian-origin porn star Belle Knox inspiring NYC co-eds to be strippers

Indian-origin porn star Belle Knox inspiring NYC co-eds to be strippersNew York, Apr 13 : Belle Knox, who is paying her tuition fees at Duke University by working as a porn star, is reportedly inspiring other New York co-eds to become strippers.

Mike Diaz, the club manager, asserted that many co-eds got inspired by Knox's story and that they have gotten flooded with applications and were receiving five to ten applicants a day, the New York Post reported.

Diaz said that Baruch and Brooklyn Colleges have provided the best pole dancers however, the biggest number of rejected applicants came from Queens College and NYU.

American women forgoing motherhood for pooches: Study

American women forgoing motherhood for pooches: StudyNew York, April 13 : A new study has shown that more American women are choosing dogs over motherhood .

According to business-news site Quartz, a report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a big drop in the number of babies born to women ages 15 to 29, which corresponds with a huge increase in the number of tiny dogs owned by young women, the New York Post reported.

A robot that better interacts with people

A robot that better interacts with peopleNew York, April 12 : You must have seen in movies robots that act and behave like human beings. That's going to happen in real life.

Researchers are programming robots to communicate with people using human-like body language and cues.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia enlisted the help of a human-friendly robot named Charlie to study the simple task of handing an object to a person.

"We hand things to other people multiple times a day and we do it seamlessly," said AJung Moon, a PhD student in the university's department of mechanical engineering.

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