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Congress party asks US court to respect India's sovereignty

US courtNew York, March 20 - Asking a US court to respect India's sovereignty, India's Congress party has sought dismissal of a human rights violation case relating to the 1984 anti-Sikh violence filed by a US-based Sikh rights group.

After hearing arguments on Congress party's challenge to the "extraterritorial jurisdiction" of US courts, Manhattan's US Federal Judge Robert W. Sweet Wednesday reserved his ruling.

Indian-American researchers find new target to control diabetes

Indian-American researchers find new target to control diabetes New York, March 20 - In a thrilling discovery, two Indian-American researchers have identified a new potential therapeutic target for controlling high blood sugar - a finding that could help millions suffering from type 2 diabetes worldwide.

Researchers showed that lipid molecules called phosphatidic acids enhance glucose production in the liver.

The findings suggest that inhibiting or reducing production of phosphatidic acids may do the opposite.

Family dog carries your body odour in brain!

Family dog carries your body odour in brain!New York, March 19 - You love it when your pet dog jumps on you and licks you when you come home from office.

What you perhaps do not know is that your body odour lingers like perfume in your dog's brain even if you are not near him.

An area of the canine brain responds more strongly to the scents of familiar humans than it does to the scents of other humans, or even to those of familiar dogs, research has shown.

An app that reduces anxiety in just 25 minutes!

An app that reduces anxiety in just 25 minutes!New York, March 19 - Playing a science-based mobile gaming app for just 25 minutes can reduce anxiety in stressed individuals, research shows.

“Millions of people suffering from psychological distress fail to seek or receive mental health services. Many evidence-based treatments are burdensome - time consuming, expensive, difficult to access and perceived as stigmatising,” said lead researcher Tracy Dennis of Hunter College of The City University of New York.

It is crucial for psychological researchers to develop alternative treatment delivery systems that are more affordable, accessible, and engaging.

Chelsea Clinton says dad Bill's heart is healthy

Chelsea Clinton says dad Bill's heart is healthy New York, Mar 18 : Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea has revealed that after "radically" changing his approach to health, the former US President's heart is in better shape now than it was in the last decade.

The younger Clinton in an interview with by actress and activist Marlo Thomas said that the former president went to the doctor recently, and the doctor told him that his heart today is much younger than it was even 10 years ago, the Politico reported.

Chelsea further added that she was very grateful that her father decided to get healthy.

Global rights watchdogs demand release of Lankan rights defenders

Global rights watchdogs demand release of Lankan rights defendersNew York, Mar 18 : The arbitrary arrest and detention of prominent human rights defenders is an attempt to silence criticism and divert the spotlight from ongoing abuses, leading global and Asian human rights monitors said today in a joint statement.

The statement was issued by Amnesty International, Forum Asia, Human Rights Watch, the International Crisis Group, and the International Commission of Jurists.

'Myspace' joins ranks of most popular sites used to solicit sex

'Myspace' joins ranks of most popular sites used to solicit sexNew York, March 16 : 'Myspace' has been identified as one of the more popular sites used to solicit sex by a recent study

The report released by the Urban Institute on the underground commercial sex industry in eight major U. S. cities has found that the sites' online services allegedly not only helping mask the illegal activity but geographically expand it, the New York Daily News reported.

According to the sex workers, Myspace is now as popular as Craigslist, Backpage. com, Adam4Ada. com, Eros. com, AdultSearch. com, TheEroticReview. com, and Cityvibe. com for soliciting clients.

A USB drive for faster transfer of mobile files

A USB drive for faster transfer of mobile filesNew York, March 15 - People using Android devices know it's not easy to move files from their phone or tablet to a PC. Now, a special USB drive will make the task simpler.

At present, you need an Internet connection throughout to move files from Android to PC, a task that involves e-mailing the file or uploading it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Next you open the e-mail and download the attachment, or get the file from the cloud server. And finally you open the file on your computer.

Gaitonde's work leads Sotheby's upcoming auction

Gaitonde's work leads Sotheby's upcoming auctionNew York, March 14 - Modernist painter V. S. Gaitonde's painting is estimated to fetch $2-3 million in the forthcoming sale of international auction house Sothbey's Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art here March 19.

Considered to be India's foremost abstract painter, Gaitonde's "Painting No. 3" captures a pivotal moment in the artist's career when he turned away from his earlier geometric prints and began to experiment with a paint roller and palette knife.

Aircraft off the radar in this age puzzles experts

Aircraft off the radar in this age puzzles expertsNew York, March 13 : Can a modern aircraft with a plethora of advanced features just vanish into thin air?

Hard to believe but the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is a puzzle that is growing even more complex.

"This is a very unusual event," Sid McGuirk, an associate professor of air traffic management at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida was quoted as saying.

"It is highly unusual for an aircraft at an altitude - which, at least according to the press, this aircraft was - to drop off the radar," McGuirk added.

Radar facilities are based on land and each one has a range of about 300 km.

Maths can be made easier with gestures

Maths can be made easier with gesturesNew York, March 13 : Children who use their hands to gesture during a math lesson gain a deep understanding of the problems they are taught, research shows.

Previous research has found that gestures can help children learn.

The study was designed to answer whether abstract gesture is a more effective teaching tool than concrete action.

"We found that acting gave children a relatively shallow understanding of a novel math concept, whereas gesturing led to deeper and more flexible learning," explained lead author Miriam A. Novack.

The researchers taught third-grade children a strategy for solving one type of mathematical equivalence problem.

Earth to get hotter despite global warming slowdown

Earth to get hotter despite global warming slowdownNew York, March 13 - The earth's climate would continue to warm during this century, on track with previous estimates despite the recent slowdown in the rate of global warming, a NASA study shows.

Earth is likely to experience roughly 20 percent more warming than estimates that were largely based on surface temperature observations during the past 150 years.

Global temperatures have increased at a rate of 0.22 Fahrenheit (0.12 Celsius) per decade since 1951.

New York buildings collapse: Toll rises to four

New York buildings collapse: Toll rises to fourNew York, March 13 : A major explosion caused by a gas leak that flattened two Manhattan apartment buildings Wednesday has till now claimed four victims.

Witnesses said that flames and smoke were seen billowing from the street after they heard an explosion which resulted in the collapse of the buildings, and the force of the damage blew out windows in neighboring buildings as well, the New York Times reported.

The police said that two residential buildings - 1644 and 1646 Park Avenue - had collapsed and at least 16 people were injured.

Weak brain connection won't let you stop smoking!

Weak brain connection won't let you stop smoking!New York, March 13 - Despite umpteen resolutions that you are going to quit smoking, why do you succumb the very next day to that uncontrollable craving to light another one?

Blame it on the weakened brain connections that are tied to self-control over cigarette cravings.

A new brain imaging study from scientists at University of Pennsylvania and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows how smokers suffering from nicotine withdrawal may have more trouble shifting from a key brain network.

US court dismisses Devyani Khobragade's indictment in visa fraud case

Devyani KhobragadeNew York, Mar 13 - In major relief to Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, a US court has dropped all charges against her.

In a 14 page order, US District Judge said that Khobragade had full diplomatic immunity at the time of her indictment on visa fraud and underpaying her maid.

The judge said, Khobragade served as Consular officer in the US from October 26, 2012 to January 8, 2014, a position that cloaked her with consular immunity as per the Vienna Convention.

Khobragade, who was deputy consul-general in New York, was arrested on December 12 on charges of making false declarations in a visa application for her maid. She was later released on a USD 250,000 bond.

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