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Clothes that track your heart rate

Clothes that track your heart rateNew York, May 9 : Forget bands and other gadgets. If you want to track your body’s vitals while working out, just slip into one of these shirts.

These workout shirts, with some specially woven threads, are able to measure health stats like your heart rate, breathing rate and calories burned, reported wired. com.

The shirts have been developed by a start-up company called OMsignal.

“We need something that complements life, without getting in the way of life,” OMsignal CEO Stephane Marceau was quoted as saying. “Clothing was, naturally, the most friction-less fit.”

Ancient kitten-sized predator found!

Ancient kitten-sized predator found!New York, May 9 : A kitten-sized but formidable hunter preyed on animals of its size in Bolivia about 13 million years ago, researchers have found.

"The animal would have been about the size of a marten, a catlike weasel found in the northeastern United States and Canada, and probably filled the same ecological niche," said Russell Engelman of Case Western Reserve University in the US.

Analysis of a partial skull that had been in a University of Florida collection more than three decades showed that the predator is one of the smallest species reported in the extinct order Sparassodonta.

Key to healthy heart hidden in obese polar bears!

Key to healthy heart hidden in obese polar bears!New York, May 9 - Polar bears are the most fat-obsessed beasts but have healthy hearts and this may hold the genetic key for humans to avoid heart disease, a promising research has found.

Up to half of the body weight of polar bears consists of fat and their blood cholesterol levels are high enough to cause cardiovascular disease in humans.

“The life of a polar bear revolves around fat. Nursing cubs rely on milk that can be up to 30 percent fat and adults eat primarily blubber of marine mammal prey,” explained Eline Lorenzen of University of California Berkeley.

Polar bears have large fat deposits under their skin.

App that detects mood swings via voice analysis

App that detects mood swings via voice analysisNew York, May 9 - What if a smart phone app can gauge mood swings via voice analysis and alert you to handle the person accordingly?

Researchers at University of Michigan have developed an app that monitors subtle qualities of a person's voice during everyday phone conversations.

It shows promise for detecting early signs of mood changes in people with bipolar disorder.

Victims of bullies more likely to be armed at school

Victims of bullies more likely to be armed at schoolNew York, May 6 : More than the bullies it is their victims who are more likely to carry weapons to schools, a study indicated.

In view of growing shootouts by peers in schools, the study has important implications for implementing more effective preventive and intervention strategies.

“The greatest focus should not just be on bullies, but on the victims of bullies (who are) most likely to carry a weapon and potentially use deadly force if threatened,” researcher Andrew Adesman was quoted as saying.

Exomoons may harbour life too!

Exomoons may harbour life too!New York, May 6 - Move over exoplanets. Moons in close binary solar systems have a better chance of hosting life than those in single-star systems, a thrilling study has shown.

Binary stars dampen each other's solar radiation and stellar winds, thereby creating a more hospitable environment for life and increasing the habitable zone around such solar systems, astronomers said.

“The two stars calm each other down in terms of activity,” Paul Mason, an astrophysicist at University of Texas, was quoted as saying.

Mason and his team is working to determine which solar systems might be better for hosting potentially habitable moons.

Woman auctioning virginity receives $800,000 bid

Woman auctioning virginity receives $800,000 bidNew York, May 6 : The bidding for the woman who is auctioning her virginity has reached 800,000 dollars.

The 28-year-old, who goes by the pseudonym Elizabeth Raine and is auctioning off a 12-hour date along with offering her virginity to the highest bidder, has received an 800,000 dollars bid just a day before bidding ends, the New York Daily News reported.

Raine, who describes herself as "5-foot-10, 130 pounds with blond hair and green eyes", recently added pictures showing her entire face on her website, which also features pictures of her in raunchy outfits. (ANI)

Global warming real but not uniform: Study

Global warming real but not uniform: StudyNew York, May 5 : Even as the world gets warmer, some may still not feel it as global warming has not happened everywhere at the same rate, according to a study that looked into global land surface warming trends over the past 100 years.

"The global warming is not uniform," said Eric Chassignet, director of center for ocean-atmospheric prediction studies at Florida State University in the US.

You have areas that have cooled and areas that have warmed, Chassignet added.

While the regions of northern middle latitudes have experienced largest accumulated warming to date, in some areas of the world, cooling had actually occurred.

Checking work emails after office hours lead to stress

Checking work emails after office hours lead to stressNew York, May 5 - Have you developed a habit to check emails after office hours on your cell phone? You are heading towards 'stress bomb' that can explode anytime.

According to a latest Gallup poll, using cell phones and tablet to read and send work emails outside office hours can dramatically improve your stress levels.

The findings revealed that nearly half of workers who frequently email for work outside of normal working hours report experiencing stress “a lot of the day”.

Also, nearly 62 percent of workers said they have employers who expect them to check emails frequently outside of working hours.

App that 'limits' screen time for your kids

App that 'limits' screen time for your kidsNew York, May 3 : Worried at your children being hooked to screen all the time? Get this app to teach them how much `screen time' is too much.

Named after two young brothers - Ash and Ollie - this two-part app is an interactive e-book and game.

This offers parents an educational tool and a simple, fun game to teach kids about learning to step back from the screen.

Kids can tap to collect hidden objects that help them in the app's game, named Rocket Racer.

The game is an easy tap-to-navigate game that asks kids to collect stars and avoid clouds on the way.

Be true to your personality to buy happiness

New York, May 3 - Watch out what you purchase as even after splurging on an African safari, you may remain as unhappy as you were before if travelling is something you do not value much and not true to your personality.

Many shoppers whether they buy material items or life experiences are no happier following the purchase than they were before, research has indicated.

“There are a lot of reasons someone might buy something," said Ryan Howell, an associate professor of psychology at San Francisco State University, "but if the reason is to maximise happiness, the best thing for that person to do is purchase a life experience that is in line with their personality”.

So if you are a cricket fan and buy a ticket for a cricket game, the experience may leave you happier.

What infertile women want? A helping hand

What infertile women want? A helping handNew York, May 3 - Cook her a meal to help with household chores or say “I love you” to reassure her emotionally as infertile women need support, not unsolicited advice.

According to research, infertile women want support of all kinds - ranging from practical aid such as help with household chores, to advice and emotional reassurance.

“Infertility is a more prevalent issue than people realise. It affects one in six couples, and in almost all cases, women want more support than they are getting,” said Keli Steuber, an assistant professor in communication studies at University of Iowa.

Brew a perfect tea with this technology

Brew a perfect tea with this technologyNew York, May 2 - This tea machine brews a perfect cup of tea every time you go for it. But there ain't free tea, isn't it?

Costing a whopping $13,000 (Rs. 780,000), the machine named Bkon does not use the old method of pulling or pushing water through the tea.

Instead, it uses air pressure to draw tea through water.

"Our patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion process infuses beverages through controlled negative pressure,” Dean Vastardis, Bkon co-founder, was quoted as saying.

Scared of gaining weight? Kick the butt first

Scared of gaining weight? Kick the butt firstNew York, May 2 - Are you concerned about gaining weight from quit-smoking treatment? Better be concerned abut reducing weight that not quitting the puff as the latter's health benefits are immense.

According to researchers, smokers may avoid treatment to quit smoking if they previously gained weight while trying to quit.

Weight gain is a predictable occurrence for smokers who have recently quit.

Parents on cell phone while driving dangerous for kids

Parents on cell phone while driving dangerous for kidsNew York, May 1 - Do you often use your cell phone while driving? You are actually putting your kids at risk.

Parents are no less likely to engage in driving distractions like cell phone use than drivers from the general population, according to a study.

"Nearly 90 percent of parent drivers said they engaged in at least one of the 10 distractions examined in the study while their child was a passenger and the vehicle was moving,” said lead author Michelle L. Macy, an emergency medicine physician at University of Michigan's C. S. Mott Children's Hospital.

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