What Do The Recent Pennsylvania Polls Say?

obama_vs_hillary_recent_pennsylvania_pollsSen. Barack Obama is presently galloping much ahead Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, but the results of remaining primaries will reveal if he’s the knight of long races. Currently, Obama is having “124 delegates” lead over Clinton.

According to the most current delegate count, Obama has total 1618 delegates and he needs 407 more delegates to win the Democratic Party’s nomination. On the other hand, Clinton has total 1494 delegates and she needs 531 more delegates to win the nomination.   

Official Pennsylvania polls of Democratic Party are on 22 April 2008. There are 188 delegates in Pennsylvania that Clinton and Obama will be competing for. There’s ample of time for both campaigns to strengthen their respective positions in the state. There are a number of agencies that are tracking the mood of Pennsylvania voters. Here’s what the very recent Pennsylvania polls say.

American Research Group conducted a Pennsylvania poll on 7-8 March. The poll shows that Hillary Clinton is maintaining her lead with 52% Democratic popular support, while Barack Obama has just 41%. The poll shows Clinton 9% points ahead Obama. The poll – with MoE = 4.0% – signals massive victory for Clinton.

Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion Research conducted a Pennsylvania poll from 8-10 March. Again, the poll indicates a huge win over Obama. It shows Hillary Clinton leading with 55% Democratic voters, while it shows Barack Obama with just 36%. With MoE = 4.0% – the poll shows Clinton with 19% points advantage over Obama.

Definitely, the majority of the recent Pennsylvania polls show Clinton ahead, but Obama is the candidate who can turn the tables anytime to his own favor.

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