What's The Latest Democratic Delegate Count?

clinton_obama_latest_delegate_countSen. Hillary Clinton has certainly jumped back into the race for democratic delegates, defeating her rival Sen. Barack Obama in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island, but her wins are not solid enough to shake Obama, who has won Vermont.

Utterly unmoved by Clinton’s recent wins, addressing his supporters in San Antonio, Obama said, "No matter what happens tonight, we have nearly the same delegate lead as we did this morning, and we are on our way to winning this nomination."

According to the latest Texas Caucus Results, Clinton has won 92 delegates in Texas and Obama had also won 92 delegates in Texas. Clinton has also won Ohio with little margin. She has won 74 delegates in Ohio, while Obama has won 65 delegates in Ohio. Clinton’s Rhode Island win gives her 12 Rhode Island delegates, while Obama gets only 8 delegates in Rhode Island. Obama has won Vermont, wining 9 democratic delegates Vermont. Clinton has won 6 democratic delegates Vermont.


Obama leads Clinton in Pledged Delegates Count. There are total 2642 Pledged Delegates of Democratic Party. Obama has 1371 Pledged Delegates to his side, while Clinton has 1218 Pledged Delegates.

However, Clinton still leads Obama in Super Delegates count. There are total 795 Super Delegates of Democratic party. Clinton has presently the support of 242 Super Delegates while Obama has 210 supporting him.

So, after the results of the 4 March contests, Obama leads with 1581 delegates (1371 pledged delegates + 210 Super Delegates), while Clinton follows with 1460 (1218 Pledged Delegates + 242 Super Delegates). Obama leads Clinton by 121 delegates.

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