20 year-old student attacked and robbed by two men at Nassau Community College

A 20-year-old man was attacked by two men on the campus of a Long Island college Tuesday.

The victim, Elisha McGowan was attacked by the men by on Tuesday afternoon. They hit him on the head with a handgun and stole his watch, cellphone and gold chain. After the robbery, the two men fled in a gray Ford Mustang.

The suspects approached the man when he was leaving a Nassau Community College (NCC) building in East Garden then. McGowan said that he said hello to two men walking by, one he recognized. Afterwards, one of the suspects came up behind him and hit him.

The school said, "The Public Safety Department of NCC is cooperating fully with the investigation and asks members of the campus community to report any suspicious activity immediately to the Department of Public Safety at 516-572-7100".

In an alert emailed to students, one suspect is described as having shoulder-length braids and black glasses. The other has a street name 'Trigger'.

According to Inspector Kenneth Lack, Nassau County Police Department, NCC is a very safe campus. The college is patrolled by 80 public safety officers and two Nassau police units and hasn't had a robbery in over a year.

The people and college officials have assured people that incidents like this are rare and adequate security is in place. Detectives have asked to contact Nassau County Crime at 1-800-244-TIPS.